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    Drive more organic traffic to your website.
    Our SEO work is focused on getting you just that, more traffic and better leads. The key success indicators we watch closely are CTR: Conversions, Traffic and Rankings.

    At Tom&Co., we have more than 16 years of SEO experience, helping businesses rank higher on Google in some of the most competitive markets across the country.
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    Your website is not generating any leads
    You don't see your website coming up in the search results
    You want an SEO agency to compare your website with the competition
    Wordpress Website Speed Optimization Services
    Enhance & Maintain The Speed of Your WordPress Website

    Image Optimization

    Images can add time to your websites loading time if they aren’t properly optimized.This is particularly true if the image files stored in your WordPress Media Library are large. Moreover, if the image dimensions do not align with their display size on your site's frontend, the loading time exacerbates further.
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    Code Optimization
    Different code languages can also have a major impact on your website’s speed – particularly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our web optimization team works hard to minify and compress the code that your site needs to function properly, as well as removing and reducing any lines of code that are unused or unnecessary.
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    Mobile vs. Desktop Loading Speeds
    It’s incredibly important to validate the load speed of your site for both desktop and mobile. We measure your site’s performance and optimize for both to ensure a good user experience for your visitors whether they’re sitting at their office desk or scrolling on their phone at home on the couch.
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    Core Web Vitals
    Core Web Vitals are important for SEO, as they can help give your website more recognition and keep it organized and clean. These vitals can help improve your website's visibility and ranking in search engines, as well as give your audience a hassle-free experience while browsing your page.
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    For over 10 years, Tom&Co. has been dedicated to providing best-in-class web design, graphic design, printing, and digital marketing services.

    Pay Per Click Advertising, Adwords Staten Island

    At Tom and Company, we are proud of the track record we have in creating successful pay per click (PPC) campaigns and pages. Our goal with PPC marketing is to give you the best possible return on your Adwords marketing investment by making sure that every person who clicks your link is interested in what your company has to say.
    Give us a call at Tom and Company today and we will show you exactly how we can limit your investment but increase your results with our effective PPC marketing campaigns. We put our years of experience to work in getting you the results you want.
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    Pay Per Click Advertising, Adwords Staten Island
    Reach target audiences with a higher rate of efficiency
    Have complete control over every aspect of your marketing campaign
    Significantly reduce the number of cold leads that click on your link by accident

    How We Create Your PPC Campaign Pay Per Click Advertising, Adwords Staten Island

    Our Pay-Per-Click marketing allows us to create a campaign that is specifically built to help your business increase it’s exposure and overall effectiveness.

    Step 1: Evaluation

    The first step in our PPC campaign development process is to do a comprehensive evaluation of your business, your industry, your competition, and your customers. We use that information as the foundation for an effective marketing campaign that will speak directly to the people who are most interested in what your company does.

    Step 2: Develop a Plan

    With the critical information in-hand, we then put together an outline of what we feel would be the best way to utilize your PPC budget. We create target markets, and then develop a criteria we would use to measure the progress of each part of your campaign.

    Step 3: Building the Tools

    Once we have written the plan on paper, it is time to put the plan into operation by developing the tools we will need for success. We begin the process of creating keyword lists, developing text that will grab the attention of your audience, and then designing landing pages that will turn your leads into sales.

    Step 4: Maintaining the Campaign

    1 April 2016
    Once we have launched the PPC campaign, we use the measuring matrix we developed to monitor progress. We will make adjustments to each part of the campaign to enhance results, and we will work closely with you to make sure that the campaign is meeting your expectations.

    Step 5: Review

    When the campaign winds down, we gather all of the information into reports that we use to develop a final analysis of the program. From there, we can launch a follow-up program that would be even more effective at reaching your target audience.
    Maximizing Your Results
    We work closely with each of our customers to help them understand the PPC process, and get their input on how we may improve the results we get. Before we even start, we take the time to understand your budget for the first PPC program and then create a plan that stays within that budget.

    Then we show you how we develop keywords based on:

    The geographic location of your audience

    The main demographic features of your current customers

    The trends within your industry

    A good PPC program benefits from good timing, effective keywords, and a broad plan of attack. If you are interested in increasing your local Internet traffic, then we will develop a plan that will reach out specifically to your local audience and make your company a big hit in your own backyard.
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