Picking the Perfect Logo for Your Business
By Tom&Co.
Picking the Perfect Logo for Your Business

A good logo is both the lynch pin and the first impression of a brand. Designing and perfecting your logo is one of the most important steps you can take to making your brand stand out from the rest. The public sees a logo as an instant reminder of the company or the service that it stands for. Your logo is all of your company’s ideals and goals wrapped into a superbly crafted icon.

You and your designer will work together to help you to realize your vision for your logo. But first, let us go over a few common mistakes that many people make with their first logo designs. Seeing the mistakes of others will help you to avoid them yourself in your logo journey.

Common Mistakes Found In Novice Logos

  • You don’t need to fill up all of the space. A good design will include empty space around your logo.
  • You don’t need to use a bolded font or text for all of the writing. Use it sparingly to emphasize the most important things only.
  • Always run your clever headlines past your most honest friend. Ask them to be very honest.
  • Read through your copy and highlight the most important parts. Read the highlights again. If it takes longer than 30 seconds, you have too much copy.
  • If you are using color in your design, use it very sparingly.
  • Photos are sometimes tricky to use in designs. Don’t use photos from a cellphone. Photos found on-line may not be free to use. A lousy photo is worse than no photo at all.
  • You don’t need to use every font you own. One or two fonts are best to create a clear image.
  • Proofread once. Then proofread again.

Now that you have an idea of what to avoid, we can give you a good place to start working on your logo. There are several steps on the road to a great logo.

Number one. Know your audience and your brand.

Who do you what to attract with your logo design? In other words, who is your company’s target audience? Your logo must be crafted in a way to appeal to your audience. Think about your company and its history. Study your old logos and any old advertising that you may have. What was strong about those old designs? What was weak about them? Being able to identify your prior strengths and weaknesses will take you far in deciding which direction to move your company’s next public persona.

Number Two. Avoid Clichés.

Of course you want your new logo to be memorable. And, you naturally want your new logo to be as iconic as any in your field. The problem with stating these as your goals is that they are nearly impossible to design. To get an iconic and memorable logo will require a more nuanced approach. Do you want a logo that uses strong and forceful imagery or something understated and simple? Both approaches can lead to something that is immediately memorable. When it is backed up by your quality service and attention to your customers, it will become iconic for quality.

Number Three. Pick a Great Font.

The perfect font for your logo is the font that is clear, easy to read quickly and that matches the branding of your company. Avoid the lure of the fun ‘gimmicky’ font face or the overly stylized font. Instead, go for the classic fonts with good strong lines. Your logo can be embellished with other garnishes of color or imagery. Keep your font clean. After all, you want your customers to know just who you are!

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