How Social Media Platforms Work Together To Give Your Business Exposure
By Tom&Co.
How Social Media Platforms Work Together To Give Your Business Exposure

You can find plenty of information on why it is important to leverage social media to gain exposure for your website, but very few people tell you how it really works. Why is it important to have a Twitter account and an Instagram account? Don’t they basically do the same thing? 

When you work with our experts, you quickly realize that your social media presence is like a chain that requires all of its links to be strong for the chain to be effective. Your social media platforms all work together and it is important for you to understand how.

Not Everyone Is On Twitter

Believe it or not, you know people who do not have a Facebook account. You also know people who use Instagram instead of Twitter. The great thing about social media is that it has something for everyone and that creates diversity. In order to reach a maximum audience, you need to be on every social media platform at the same time.

The social media platforms can all be interconnected and you can have one message sent out to all of the different websites at the same time. All of your social media accounts work together to make sure that you do not leave any prospective customers behind.

Your Social Media Pushes People To Your Website

Your Facebook page is not an island unto itself. When individuals get Facebook pages, it is to connect with other individuals. When companies get Facebook pages, it is to drive more traffic to their corporate websites.

The best way to picture your overall online presence is to imagine it is like a wheel with spokes protruding from it. Each spoke is one of your social media pages and they all connect to the central hub, which is your website. Your social media pages all work together to increase your website traffic and boost revenue.

Some People Are Extremely Comfortable With Social Media

There is a growing contingency of Internet users who would rather utilize your company’s Facebook page than your website. Instead of getting company updates from your website’s news page, some people would prefer to get those updates on Twitter.

Your social media presence works hand in hand with your website to make sure that your corporate messages are getting out to everyone who wants them. If a customer prefers to use your company Facebook page, then set up a Facebook store and be sure to grab that revenue. 

Viral Information Is Important To Many People

People love the allure of viral information. Social media is alive with rumors and breaking news that social media users believe cannot be found anywhere else. When someone sees a piece of information on social media in a viral way, that adds credibility to your company. It is extremely difficult to describe, but going viral is an extremely powerful marketing tool and it is tailor-made for social media.

For example, let’s say your company made a huge donation of cash and food to a charitable organization to help flooding victims in your area. Instead of putting out an official press release right away, you first allow the information to leak out online. Once the actual press release comes out, its value has skyrocketed because people already know what your company has done. 

Social media management is just one of our services, but it can have a tremendous affect on your company’s revenue. Give us a call and we will show you just how powerful social media can be and how much money it can really make your company.

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