Text Message Service Website Review – New York
By Tom&Co.
Text Message Service Website Review - New York

Happy Snowy Monday from Tom&Co! Hope you are all staying warm and safe with this crazy weather. And if you live in another part of the country or the world where its warm and sunny, good for you!

Today we have a text messaging service website Pure Texting. They provide SMS services to businesses who would like to market with text messaging. Let’s see how they measure up to our Keys to a Great Business Website!

Design: The website is designed well. The design is really clean and consistent with the branding. The content could use some work. It is kind of hard to get what they are selling here. I get “text messaging” but not much more than that. They should showcase the explainer videos they have a little more. I would place the video on the home page like we did here.
The use of sliders is good however some of the sliders are hard to read because there is text overlaying on an image.
The copy on the website is a little confusing and could stand to be re-written.

Marketing: There are phone numbers and emails in the header and footer which is good. I would add some more calls to action with email forms around the site (request a quote, hire us, sign up now etc.).
The use of testimonials is good but the pictures look a little fake. If you can’t get good pics I would leave them off all together. Also they don’t need their own page, you can pepper them throughout the site, like the services page.
Search Engine Optimization: This is where the site needs the most help. The site is done in WordPress which is very SEO friendly but it needs to be optimized. They should spend some time thinking about and doing research into what keywords clients would be searching for and then optimize the site for those.
The company news section which I would imagine would be a blog is giving back a 404 error. This should be fixed ASAP! The blog is a good place to create articles that your target market would find interesting. Once they are browsing the blog you can setup some calls to action on the sidebar and get them to take the next step.
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