Some Tips For You Non-Designers Out There
By Tom&Co.

Websites are always a work in progress and our customers are always finding things they want to change, adjust or bring forward. That being said, sometimes too much change can be a bad thing. In the spirit of that, here are some VERY general guidelines for you, to ponder before asking a company like ours to create or change something on your website. You don’t HAVE to stick to these but they help a lot and will also go a long ways towards answering some of the questions we’re sure you’ll ask.

Two or three colors is plenty.

Your site doesn’t need a zillion colors in order for it to POP~! In fact, two is fine, really. It helps establish your brand and in the most simplistic way possible – communicates a consistent design language.

Two or three typefaces are plenty as well.

This one can be tricky, just because there are SO MANY cool typefaces to choose from out there. But just because lots of them exist, doesn’t mean you should be using lots of them or even a half dozen of your favorites. Just like with the color of your site, you’ll communicate a stronger message by using only a few. Also from a more technical standpoint, two fonts throughout a site make it much easier to read or scan quickly.

You don’t need more than 5-8 navigation items

Think of things like this: the fewer items you put between your visitor and taking action, the more likelier they are to take action. It also makes it easier to scan your page and find things. Don’t get caught up in leaving tons of information all over your site as most people simply won’t read it if it’s not important. Keep your content relevant, interesting and easy to find.

Yes, people scroll. Don’t let someone tell you that they don’t.

Every usability study done on the internet has proven that people scroll like crazy. The whole ‘top of the fold’ thing is a myth people ported over from newspapers to sound smart when really, that never happens. If your content is engaging or if users have a reason to dig deeper into your site, then they will. If your content stinks or your design is cumbersome, then they won’t. And yes, it’s really as simple as that.

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