Web Design Trends
By Tom&Co.
Web Design Trends

There are a number of current trends in web design that can really help you get ahead as an business owner, or as really anyone who wants to impress with their site in the modern world. Here are a few such trends, as well as how you can use them to get ahead.

Mobile Revolution

One big current trend is the tendency of the world to go more mobile. There are projections showing that millions of new mobile users will be going online within the next few years. This means that the way Ecommerce progresses in the future will be heavily affected by the mobile experience. In the past decades, most people used a more traditional desktop setup in order to access the Internet and look at web pages.

These days however, the number of devices people use to open web pages is very widespread. Mobile devices can range widely in screen length. Some of them are just a few inches wide, such as smartphones. Others can be up to 10 inches or so if they are tablets. The exact proportions are all varied as well. Many web designers approach this problem by having one regular site for desktop users, and one “mobile” site for users that have a tablet or smartphone. Some even use preset designs that work well on screens with a specific length and height. The problem with this approach is that it won’t work for every device. What’s needed is an interactive design hat can adapt directly to the user.

Interactive designs

A common trend in web design recently is interactive designs that focus on usability for the user. No one wants to look at a screen that’s not designed for a specific device. The words might appear too small, for example. One approach to solving this problem is to code in something that will automatically identify the type of device someone is using. Based on this, the site can then render itself perfectly for that particular device. This is a popular an important trend that web designers should pay attention to if they want to keep the traffic they have and expand it. If a site doesn’t look good, mobile users will move on.

Another important part of this is making sure that everything works on mobile. There are some programs that have special features like animations that are sometimes only useable on a PC. It’s important to at least have a mobile version that allows these same animations and features to work on mobile devices as well. Otherwise, mobile users are going to become frustrated. And you don’t want to frustrate a potential market demographic that will soon number in the billions.

“Unnatural” Design

One trend that happened a while back is the attempt by web designers and developers to make web pages online seem “natural,” that is, similar to non-electronic objects. For example, there was an emphasis on textures. Additionally, a site might try to include a realistic looking book that has “pages” you can turn. Or they might try to make button seem to come out from the page in an illusion. The problem with this is that most people don’t find this interesting anymore. You’re better off sticking with a sparse design that’s easy to use and not too busy on the page.

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