3 Interesting Changes We Will See In Marketing In 2018
By Tom&Co.

It looks like 2018 is lining up to be an even more dynamic year for digital marketing than 2017 as the marketing industry is getting ready to make some pretty dramatic changes. Now is the time to get involved with a professional digital marketing organization to give you the right advice you need on utilizing all of these new changes for 2018.

Influencer Marketing Will Change

Influencers are celebrities and people who have cultivated social media accounts into having millions of followers. For years, marketing companies and corporations would pay handsomely to have influencers mention their products to get those products seen by a particular target audience. But as we get closer to 2018, it looks like the idea of paid influencers is going to change significantly.

In 2018, celebrities and social media mavens can expect to see their marketing revenue drop considerably as the influencer market is not what it used to be. On the other hand, the average person with a sizable social media following might be able to start making a few dollars by becoming a low-level influencer. Marketing companies have realized that paying a lot of people to reach a large audience is more effective than paying just one person.

Augmented Reality

In recent years, the augmented reality game Pokemon Go! has received a lot of attention both good and bad. Digital marketers liked the amount of attention augmented reality got so much that we can expect to start seeing augmented reality marketing in 2018. It will start off slow as marketing experts figure out the technology, but it should be taking off by the end of the year.

The visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat will probably start this augmented reality trend, but larger platforms such as Twitter and Facebook will not be able to ignore it. Interactive augmented reality should be a big deal in 2018.

Personalized Marketing

Big data has taken a strong foothold in the marketing world, but most digital marketing companies are still trying to figure out what to do with all of that data. As digital marketing gets more advanced, it is starting to use that data to create a personalized experience for every potential customer.

Banner ads and even website content will be customized to appeal to each individual consumer as more social data gets integrated with the hard data being collected. Buying trends based on individual consumers and a marketing experience customized for each person will become the norm towards the end of 2018.

Digital marketing changes constantly, but the pace of evolution has certainly sped up in the past few years. With the Internet creating more tools for marketing experts to use, we can expect that there will be more innovative ways to interact with consumers and enhance a company’s brand. It will be interesting to see how technologies such as 3D imaging and voice searching will become part of the digital marketing landscape in the years to come.

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