4 Brands With The Coolest Newsletters
By Tom&Co.

Why do companies use newsletters and what makes a newsletter effective? There are many ways to effectively use newsletters, but the most recent trend is to get more clicks for email marketing by including a newsletter. When a newsletter is effective, it can deliver important product information and help support an existing customer base. The best way to determine what makes a newsletter effective is to check out some of the coolest newsletters in use today and see what makes them so effective.


InVision is a website design company that has a very popular newsletter it circulates through email. While it makes sense that a design company would have a popular newsletter, it is not always a given that design professionals know what the public wants to see or read. With InVision, their newsletter is a perfect balance of eye-catching graphics and useful content. Instead of trying to use its newsletter to sell to customers, InVision uses their newsletter to educate customers and the response has been very positive.


The idea that a free blog platform could challenge Blogger for market supremacy seemed far-fetched until Medium launched in 2012. Since then, Medium has steadily grown in popularity and a lot of that has to do with its newsletter. The Medium newsletter is very straightforward in its design, which makes it easy to read. The uniform use of color and the way that content is separated by dividing lines helps to make this newsletter interesting and simple to utilize.


Quora is a brand that has become famous for its question and answer format that attempts to answer any question a user may have. While Quora’s web offerings seem somewhat blocky and unsophisticated, its newsletter has been drawing a lot of attention. When your business is answering questions, you tend to be able to collect a lot of interesting content each week. Quora goes out of its way to include the best content from the week in a simplified newsletter format that is not cluttered by ads. Some users prefer Quora’s newsletter to the website itself.


Yelp has become one of the default websites people go to when they need information on places to eat and stay. Yelp’s newsletter is popular because it targets specific audiences and delivers information that would be interesting to those audiences. For example, consumers in the New York City area get information specific to interesting restaurants in and around the Big Apple. Because Yelp’s business is designed to deliver geographically specific information, it makes sense that its newsletter would do the same thing.

Email marketing is still a very effective tool for a business to maintain quality contact with its customer base and target audience. Newsletters are popular with email marketing campaigns because a good newsletter will significantly increase the number of clicks an email campaign gets. If you want to see what a good newsletter looks like, you need to start subscribing to newsletters that interest you. It is always a good idea to subscribe to the competition’s newsletter to see what they are doing to attract your customer base, but you should also check out newsletters in other industries to get ideas on how you can improve your email marketing efforts.

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