5 Essentials of Brand Marketing
By Tom&Co.
5 Essentials of Brand Marketing

Each morning you put on your best business suit and head out into the world to try and drum up more business for your company. If your brand marketing is strong, then that significantly enhances your ability to present your sales presentation to potential clients.

Brand marketing is a very complicated process that consists of several moving pieces. But there are five things you should always have with you or be doing every day that will enhance your brand marketing efforts. With brand marketing, you are trying to get your company’s name and logo instantly recognizable to your target audience. If you want to be successful with brand marketing, then it starts with these five things that you must always have or do every day of the week.

Your Elevator Speech

Your elevator speech is a two-sentence description of your business that you can give to a prospective customer in a very short period of time. Good business professionals are constantly developing their elevator speech and incorporating elements of other elevator speeches to make theirs the very best.

Your Business Card

Visual marketing tools are vital to developing good brand marketing and your business card is a critical piece of the brand marketing puzzle. Your business card is a visual association of your company name with your company logo and it provides information prospects need to get in touch with you or your company. A good business card is an incredibly important part of brand marketing.

Your Email Signature

Whether you send emails from your smartphone or your laptop, you need to create a signature that reminds every person you converse with about your company. A good signature has the company logo, phone number, website address, and the company motto (if you have one.) Every email you send, even responses to emails that were sent to you, needs a good brand marketing signature.

Your Company Letterhead

Your company letterhead is used to send correspondence, develop invoices, and otherwise stay in touch with all of your customers, vendors, and business partners. If you want to advance your brand image in your own industry, then it is critically important to have your name, logo, and company information on the letterhead that you use every day.

Your Voicemail Greeting

It is a shame how many business professionals do not spend the few minutes it takes to record personalized voicemail greetings on all of their phone accounts. From your cellphone to your office phone, you should record a greeting that includes your name, your company name, and your title. Use a professional tone of voice and you will develop a positive reputation with prospective clients who haven’t even spoken to you yet.

Brand marketing is important because it strengthens all of the other marketing that you will do. People buy Nike sneakers because of all of the money Nike has put into marketing its brand as well as its products. You need to do the same thing to build up your own brand recognition in your industry and among your target audience.

Each day you are given hundreds of opportunities to advance your brand marketing agenda and you need to take advantage of each one of them. When you have your own brand marketing tools in place, then you will be able to strengthen your company name and logo in the minds of your target audience.

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