5 Marketing Terms You Need To Know For 2017
By Tom&Co.

As 2017 moves forward, the world of digital marketing continues to change at a rapid rate. New ideas are being introduced and new technology is changing the way that consumers interact with the Internet. Along with all of these new ideas and technologies comes new terms that website owners should become familiar with if they want to be able to understand what their digital marketing experts are talking about.

Lead Magnet

It took a while to finally get a term that made sense for marketing tactics used to draw in consumers, but finally the term lead magnet has been coined. This is a broad term that can cover any kind of mechanism a digital marketing plan uses to attract clients that are specifically interested in what a company has to offer.

Big Data

The term big data gets thrown around a lot in the new era of digital marketing, but not many website owners really know what the term means. Big data is the term applied to the new methods being used to collect data from just about everything people use on a daily basis. It is also the term used to describe the significant amount of information being gathered on how people use the Internet, and even social behavior that can affect consumer trends. As more devices are able to collect data through the Internet, big data will grow even more.

Conversion Rate

One of the purposes of big data is to improve the conversion rate for a website or a marketing piece. The conversion rate is the percentage of web visitors who positively respond to your call to action. If you have a marketing piece that is trying to get people to sign up for your newsletter, then the conversion rate would be the percentage of people who sign up for the newsletter after reading the marketing piece.

Earned Media

One of the newest terms to pop up in 2017 is something called earned media. When your company publishes a blog post and that post gets shared, then the number of people who share the post and read the post through shared channels is referred to as earned media. Once again, the era of big data demands that precise numbers be capture for how much of your marketing interaction is based on earned media.

Owned Media

The term owned media refers to all of the media outlets your company owns and is directly responsible for. This includes print and digital media, and covers such elements as your company website, blog, social media platforms, printed newsletters, and printed magazines. The ultimate goal of owned media is to develop it to the point where it increases your reach into earned media.

As the digital marketing world continues to evolve, so does the language marketing experts use to communicate with each other and clients. While a client is not expected to keep up with all of the nuances of the digital marketing world, it does help a client to stay up to date on the latest terms being used.

In 2017, digital marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and all of that change means new terms are being introduced regularly. Clients should do their best to keep up with new marketing terms to better convey their concerns about their marketing approach to their digital marketing experts.


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