5 Places You Need To Put Your Logo
By Tom&Co.
5 Places You Need To Put Your Logo

A company logo becomes the thing that enhances your marketing and becomes a way for people to instantly recognize your organization. If you do enough good marketing, then your logo will become a graphic representation of your company that increases revenue and opens up more opportunities.

In order for your logo to be effective, you have to use it whenever you can to expand its marketing power. Some companies prefer to leave their logo out of some aspects of their business, but there are five places your company logo must appear if you want to get the maximum exposure for your organization.

All Correspondence Templates

You are missing out on a huge opportunity if your company logo is not part of your letterhead, invoice templates, purchase order templates, email signatures and any other form of company correspondence you use to stay in touch with your clients. When you include your company logo on all of your company correspondence, then its marketing power almost becomes subconscious as your customers cannot help but notice your logo in your marketing efforts.

All Internet Pages

Without exception, your company logo needs to be included on all of your organization’s Internet pages from the company website to every social media page your company utilizes. The manner in which constantly seeing your logo online enhances all of your other marketing efforts makes this an easy and inexpensive way to get more value from your marketing programs.

Company Business Cards

Some companies prefer to leave their logo off of employee business cards to make more room for contact information and a quick marketing blurb. Customers expect to see your official company logo on your business cards, and there can be a disconnect between you and your customers if you do not put your logo on your cards. You may even have customers ask why you have no logo on your business cards, and that should be an indication that putting your logo on company business cards is extremely important.

Marketing Giveaways

Including your company logo on marketing giveaways is so important that we would recommend not using giveaways that do not give you the option of including the company logo. When you giveaway t-shirts and hats, the point is to put out mobile billboards that advertise your company to new people every day. If you neglect to include your company logo, then you are severely handicapping any of your other marketing efforts.

Product Packaging

The packaging for any of your products is not complete until it contains your company logo. If you sell to retail customers, then having your logo appear on retail store shelves can be an extremely powerful way to reinforce your marketing efforts.

It can seem like Marketing 101 to some people, but it is interesting to note how many companies refuse to make the most of their logos. After spending so much time and money developing and promoting your logo, it only makes sense to use that logo to enhance your other marketing efforts. You can start by showing support for your logo by distributing it to the public as much as possible.

It is truly impossible to measure the real marketing impact of any program, but creating a strong visual identity with your logo is going to enhance any marketing value you create. Spend some time making the most of your company logo and watch as your revenues start to rise.

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