5 Platforms Your Company Should Be Using
By Tom&Co.
Digital Platform

Digital platforms are growing at an amazing rate and your company needs to become familiar with the ones that can help to grow your business. More and more consumers are responding to Internet marketing, and that means that you and your company should consider investing in digital marketing services in the very near future.


If your target demographic is any group under the age of 25, then you need to be using Snapchat on a regular basis. In a very short period of time, this social media platform has become extremely active and popular. It is a great place for you to gain traction for your brands, and it is also a great place to have influencers help grow your target audience.


Pinterest used to be a digital platform that marketing experts avoided because it did not bring in a good return. But Pinterest has been developing its advertising platform, and that has turned this social media platform into a powerful marketing tool. When Pinterest advertising is used properly, it can help to grow your customer base and target your advertising at the consumers that will be most interested in seeing it.


YouTube is one of the oldest social media platforms around, but for years it struggled to attract the business marketing community. After a couple of years of being part of the Google family, YouTube is now an extremely effective marketing platform that digital marketing experts can no longer ignore. New tools that help your videos to get seen in more searches in and out of YouTube make this icon of social media a platform that you should be using.

Social Media Integration

For a while now, digital marketing professionals have been experimenting with linking social media platforms to get more coverage. The results used to be mixed, but now certain types of social media integration are proving to be very powerful. For example, integrating your Facebook and Instagram accounts together will double your coverage and help you to target an expanded consumer audience. Twitter is also becoming a popular integration platform with other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

A New Twist On Influencers

As recently as 2017, the idea of using social media influencers to increase consumer traffic was starting to fade away. But digital marketing professionals have learned that they can get more interaction from many lower level influencers than they used to get with the very expensive and over-exposed celebrities. Instead of trying to buy a piece of the hottest rapper as an influencer for your clothing line, you might want to consider clothing enthusiasts with huge followings on the platforms that match your demographics.

The landscape of digital platforms is constantly changing, which means that digital marketing experts have to stay updated on all of the latest data. Today’s effective digital platform could be tomorrow’s dinosaur, and you need to know what you are doing to avoid wasting money on the wrong platform.

As digital marketing becomes more complex, it becomes important to utilize a digital marketing company that understands the latest trends. You can significantly increase your marketing return on investment when you know which digital platforms are right for your business.

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