5 Websites On Digital Marketing You Should Be Following
By Tom&Co.

It makes sense that the Internet is the primary place to get information on digital marketing, but most people who are not in the digital marketing business have no idea where to go to get good information. When you look for digital marketing information, you want a website that has current and comprehensive information on the tactics and software that can affect your business. There are plenty of resources you can use online to learn about digital marketing, but it always helps to start with the best websites.


This website offers a wide variety of digital marketing services, and comprehensive descriptions to go along with each service. The blog is updated weekly with current information on the newest in digital marketing tactics, and with looks at case studies to show how digital marketing really works. This is a good website to use when you want to browse through content that will teach you everything you need to know about digital marketing.


For a very long time now, Moz.com has been the go-to resource for people looking for the latest information on digital marketing. The Moz blog has become known throughout the industry as not only one of the most comprehensive blogs, but it also has a reputation for starting marketing trends with its in-depth analysis.


Marketingland.com has been around for many years, and it has a staff of marketing experts who have created many of the concepts we talk about today. This is a website where you will find videos, infographics, and blog posts that can really enhance your knowledge of the digital marketing world. You will also find comprehensive descriptions of the latest marketing tactics, usually written by the people who developed or studied those tactics in detail.


Kissmetrics.com is not just a website you go to once in a while to get information, this is the website all digital marketing experts refer to for broad market research data. Kissmetrics.com takes infographics to a whole new level, and you can find comprehensive marketing data analysis blog posts on this site on a regular basis. You will find all of the information on current marketing trends and data on this blog, and even projections on what will happen in the future of marketing. This is a blog most marketing professionals have bookmarked on all of their computing devices.


PRDaily.com dedicates itself to revealing the latest communications tools and the methods that are working across a variety of industries. This site is not dedicated solely to marketing as it does offer a lot of information for public relations and communications as well. But no other site on the Internet goes into as much depth about how to communicate through digital channels that this one.

Successful marketing professionals know that staying up to date on the marketing industry is critical. That is why they all follow the very best blogs and websites in the industry. As a website owner, you can learn more than a few good ways to increase your web traffic by following the same websites and reading the same information. You might not become a digital marketing expert, but at least you will know the latest trends your competition is using to take your customers away from you.

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