The Best Brands on Instagram Now
By Tom&Co.

Instagram is a visual social media platform that has features that appeal primarily to younger users. But sometimes all it takes is a good social media management team to make an Instagram account and effective marketing tool. Sometimes a company can go against a social media platform’s demographic to get excellent results, and that appears to be the case with many of the most popular brands on Instagram.

National Geographic

National Geographic has been in publication for over 150 years, yet it is one of the most popular brands on a social media platform that appeals essentially to teens. National Geographic dominates Instagram because of the magazine’s award-winning pictures in high definition. Instead of sticking to its very successful print format and avoiding digital, National Geographic has gone on to amass an Instagram following of over 50 million people, and that following grows every day.

Grand Central Station

New York City’s Grand Central Station has millions of travelers use its facilities every year, and the company takes advantage of that traffic by eliciting personal travel stories that have become extremely popular on Instagram. Grand Central Station has become known for its Instagram hashtags that allow people to post pictures of their experiences in the historic station itself, and pictures of the trips they take from the station.

Saturday Night Live

The recent presidential election has helped to make Saturday Night Live popular again, and the show is cashing in on its popularity with one of the most popular accounts on Instagram. Instead of just posting show clips, which would be easy enough, the show posts behind-the-scenes video and pictures that cannot be seen anywhere else. The content SNL puts on Instagram is exclusive to Instagram, and the rise in the show’s popularity has made that exclusive content very popular.


GoPro is a brand that was custom built for Instagram, and the company takes full advantage of its perfect social media product. As with Saturday Night Live, GoPro has built its incredibly popular Instagram account on content that cannot be seen anywhere else on the web. While the concept of having customers post their videos of using GoPro products sounds easy enough, that concept becomes an Instagram hit when the product is the line of GoPro action cameras.


AirBnB is the controversial app that allows property owners to rent out parts of their homes to world travelers. To entice people to use the app, AirBnB encourages its Instagram audience to post pictures of the places they visit while staying with an AirBnB host. The result is a wide range of pictures of places from all over the world that has built a strong following and enhances the allure of the AirBnB app.

Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform that offers a lot of different ways to present videos and pictures. It sounds easy to make an impact on such a platform, but it takes a lot of work to get people’s attention. Thanks to some clever social media marketing, there are several older brands that are dominating Instagram and showing a young audience just how interesting the world can be.

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