Why Brainstorming Is Essential To Good Marketing
By Tom&Co.
Why Brainstorming Is Essential To Good Marketing

Whenever we take on a new client, a huge part of our process involves brainstorming ideas. We brainstorm ideas with the client and then we brainstorm among ourselves. There is a significant difference between bouncing ideas off of our clients and sitting down in one of our conference rooms and creating the ideas that will be successful marketing campaigns. While we need client input to create those successful campaigns, we also realize how important it is that our marketing experts come up with the perfect flurry of ideas that will become your marketing program.

What Do We Hope To Accomplish With Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is not the uncontrolled chaos that it has been made out to be. When marketing professionals brainstorm, we look for ideas that are not part of the beaten path. It has become increasingly difficult in this day and age to come up with a unique marketing plan that will gather plenty of attention. When we brainstorm, we are looking for that angle that will help us to develop a logo, press release, pamphlet, or any other type of marketing material that will get your message out to the masses.

What Is Professional Brainstorming?

One of the biggest misconceptions about our idea process is that brainstorming is simply the process of jotting some ideas down on paper and choosing the best one. Good brainstorming, the type that results in good results, is done in a very methodical manner that would actually frustrate anyone who is not intimately familiar with marketing.

When a team of marketing experts is throwing around ideas on a customer topic, it becomes very easy to go off on a tangent that can derail the entire session. The part that our customers find impossible to believe is that brainstorming is not completely about random ideas that bring about spectacular results. Everything in a brainstorming session is carefully choreographed and the results are then analyzed and many are discarded. With professional brainstorming, the trick is to stay on topic while inviting enough creativity to come up with the marketing ideas that will help your company to stand apart.

The Results You See Are From Good Brainstorming

Most marketing companies want you to believe that they have a team of professionals who sit in a conference room and, just like Don Draper in Mad Men, they simply spew out these great ideas. But we want our customers to understand that there is a creative process we go through to help bring about the best possible results and get you a marketing campaign that you deserve.

It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of ideas that get discarded before our experts develop the marketing plan that will work for your company. After the brainstorming is done, then the best ideas are put to the functionality test to see which ones to pursue. Is this idea going to get us the best results, or is it limited by SEO requirements? When you understand the process, then you feel confident knowing that the marketing programs we create are our very best work.

As a marketing company, we need to be creative every single day to get the results our customers need. But it is important to us that our customers know that our creativity is the result of hard work and not something we just come up with off the tops of our heads. We work hard for you because you deserve it!

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