Break Through the Email Clutter During the Pandemic
By Tom&Co.
Email Clutter

New York has now been “On Pause” for more than two months. In the beginning, business owners flooded inboxes with messages urging their contacts to “stay safe.”

Emails outlined plans of action: “Our stores are closed, but our website is open for business!” “Our dining rooms are closed, but you can order take-out!” The most effective ones offered deals or coupons, too.

Gyms, theme parks, and entertainment facilities wanted their customers to know they were still thinking about them.

As the endless barrage of emails has died down, it’s still crucial to stay front-of-mind. But what messaging can you share that will entice, inform and engage your audience? Consider campaigns that follow these principles.

1. Be personal and friendly. wrote an excellent piece on how to show empathy in your writing during the pandemic. Being friendly and real, alluding to your own challenges, helps evoke empathy.

Remember that many people have been laid off or furloughed and some are not able to receive unemployment for various reasons. Others may be returning to work part-time for reduced pay.

Avoid phrasing like, “We’re all in the same boat.” Don’t imply things are the same for everyone or that everyone faces the same challenges. However, let your readers know you are there for them.

2. Share helpful information.

Avoid the hard sell right now.

Instead, share information your readers can use to get them through this challenging time. Depending on your business, this may include ideas like:

  • recipes people can make from affordable ingredients
  • exercises they can do from home
  • information they need to get back to work safely

3. Offer deals and coupons.

You don’t have to tie your deals into the pandemic, COVID-19, or even the quarantine. But people appreciate saving money now more than ever. Readers, especially your loyal customers, will open your email if you offer them savings.

You can also offer savings and, for every purchase, make a donation to a cause, such as a local food pantry or essential healthcare workers. People like to feel good about giving back, but many can’t afford to donate money out of their own pockets right now. Give them a chance to make a difference just by doing business with you and they will remember you after the pandemic, too.

Keeping up on your email marketing campaigns is more important than ever now. As New York begins to re-open, you want to be front-of-mind as a company that cares about your customers – before, during, and after the pandemic. Let TomCo help you create and execute a comprehensive online marketing strategy that includes email campaigns.

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