What Can You Really Do With A Company Blog?
By Tom&Co.
Company Blog

Good Internet marketing requires many different elements to be successful. It is more than just having an active social media page or having effective content on your website. A strong Internet presence requires you to utilize the resources that are available and maximize them to your benefit.

When you talk about Internet marketing, you will hear experts talking about the value of blogs. While it is true that a good company blog can add a lot to your online marketing, it helps to understand how a blog helps to gain the exposure you need. A blog, when used properly, is actually an effective online marketing tool that works on several levels.

Customer Interaction

One of the biggest marketing aspects of the Internet is immediate interaction with your complete client base. When you write an engaging blog post about your company or your industry, you want reader feedback to give you an idea as to what your clients are thinking. But if you want really make the most of your company blog, then it should not stop at user comments.

You need to turn your blog into an interactive forum where you post relevant information, your readers respond, and you engage in useful conversation. Why is a blog so good for this kind of customer interaction? Because customers tend to treat blogs as direct lines of communication with the company and that inspires customers to become passionate about the topic you are discussing.

Reliable Outlet For Company News

Customers looking for the latest news about your company will usually turn to your blog and not your website or your social media presence. The big reason for this is because the stigma surrounding websites is that they are never updated in real time and that it takes days, even weeks, for new information to get posted. Social media is not really seen as a reliable source of accurate information, even though you try to keep all of your social media pages accurate and reliable.

Instead of fighting these preconceived notions, you should work with them and use your blog as the only source of new company information. You can control the rumors about your company and keep customers informed about new developments when you use your blog properly.

Be Dynamic

Customers expect your website to be a formal source of company information. But a blog is expected to be dynamic and interesting. Rather than let your customers down, you should reinforce the dynamic element of a blog and use it to your advantage.

The dynamic element of a blog means doing things that would normally take weeks or months on a website. For example, you can decide to address customer concerns directly by creating a question and answer section on your blog that is updated regularly with answers to real customer inquiries. You can also post pictures and videos relating to your company that may not fit the format of your website. 

A blog is an effective marketing tool that needs to be properly utilized if you want to enhance your Internet presence. Remember that a blog is not expected to be as rigid in structure and format as your website. The more that you do with your blog and the more you add to it, the more revenue-generating traffic you will generate for your website.

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