What Are The Most Critical Video Marketing Services?

Any business that wishes to grow and scale fast must never overlook a video marketing campaign. With YouTube amassing over a billion unique visitors per month, it makes sense to add video marketing to your marketing strategy for the best result. That way, your target audience is more likely to engage with your brand, and […]

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The History Of Graphic Design

Before the emergence of photoshop and our dear illustrator, the history of graphic design dates way back, thousands of years ago, before the invention of the computer. If you were to jump in a time machine and travel two thousand years in the past, you’ll witness incredible cave illustrations with faint colors made from plants. […]

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Questions You Ask To Develop Your Brand Identity

Building a formidable brand that can stand the test of time is more than coming up with a logo and color palette. It is more than that, and getting it right ensures you forever rent a space in the mind of your target audience. Think about it, you feel connected to people you identify with. […]

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How Data Breaches Affect Small Businesses

Despite the measures taken by small businesses against cyber-attacks, hackers are always getting inventive, discovering new loopholes to exploit. The impact is never funny for small businesses, leading many to close up involuntarily. Unfortunately, the growing number of data breaches fails to correlate with an increase in businesses’ preparedness against cyberattacks, as most small businesses […]

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Cyber Security for Your Small Business

Many small business owners often make the mistake of overlooking business cybersecurity, thinking they are not at risk due to their relatively small size. However, reports from the Better Business Bureau shows that there is an annual loss of $80,000 due to negligence from business owner. As a business owner, you’re just at risk of […]

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Tips For Creating Content Your Audience Will Want To Share

Creating share-worthy content might seem like a pretty hard task, and the unpredictable social algorithms make matters even worst. Not to forget the intense battle from competitors that might sometimes force you to give up. But you don’t need to give up. Never! Although there is no proven magical formula to dish out a share-worthy […]

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How To Promote Content on Twitter

Organic reach is becoming a challenge every passing day as long as social media is concerned. It began with Facebook, with the giant platform dropping by over 50% in merely two years. Twitter, on the other hand, is threading the same route. Whether it's promoting a Twitter account, a tweet, or perhaps a blog post, […]

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How To Get Instagram Followers

As a new brand, getting your first 1000 followers on Instagram might seem somewhat tricky. But how are other brands doing it? How do you get Instagram followers fast without having to break the bank? Believe it or not, the days of buying likes and followers are long gone as they do more harm than […]

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How To Pick a Domain Name

When you’re ready to finally launch your idea to the world, picking a domain name might seem like a hard nut to crack. The reason is simple - a wrong domain name can make or mar your business. In this article, you’re going to learn a few tips and a useful tool that will help […]

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Five Social Media Platforms that Will Boost your Business

Social media engagement is skyrocketing. Statistics show that the number of people using social media is increasing exponentially every year. What is the implication of this on your business? It means that you can reach many more people through social media and, consequently, more potential customers. The significant number of people that are easily accessible […]

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