Content Marketing WILL Boost Your ROI – Here’s The Proof
By Tom&Co.
Content Marketing WILL Boost Your ROI - Here's The Proof

Any marketing manager who has tried to get a budget approved for content marketing understands that the struggle to get corporate executives and managers to understand the value of content marketing is real. It is always easier to get a budget approved when you can show a return on that investment, which is why we wanted to take the time to prove that you can boost your ROI by engaging in a long-term content management program.

Persistent Content Marketing Leads to More Customers

Let’s start off with some simple numbers that show definite results. In Blogspot’s “Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics,” it was found that 82 percent of companies that add content to their blog on a daily basis were able to get customers from those blogs. Only 57 percent of companies that blog monthly saw customer gains from their blog. This is proof that sustained content marketing works, and brings a strong ROI.

You Can be Part of the Decision Making Process

A banner ad or display ad is looked at as a piece of advertising, and is often dismissed by today’s consumer. But a content marketing piece is seen as a valuable document that can influence your target audience’s buying decisions. According to, corporate buyers are three times more likely to read a content marketing piece before making a buying decision than they are to be influenced by a standard ad.

Content Marketing Puts Your Brand in a Positive Light

By working with your social media pages, you can use content marketing to shine a positive light on your products and your company. GE released some findings from a collaborative marketing effort it did with Buzzfeed that showed that 77 percent of Internet users who read content found through social media considered that content to be reliable. GE also saw their brand enhanced by nearly 140 percent because of the positive perception created by their comprehensive content.

Content Marketing Can be More Powerful than the Super Bowl

Advertisers clamor for a 30-second spot on the Super Bowl every year, but they may want to invest that money into content marketing instead. In a study performed by Intel, the company found that $5 million worth of Super Bowl advertising for 30 seconds resulted in 57 million engagement minutes on the company’s advertising landing page, while investing the same $5 million on Facebook advertising that pointed to the company’s content marketing website brought in a staggering 257.5 engagement minutes. The effects of a Super Bowl ad are fleeting, but content marketing will last for a very long time.

Keep Customers Engaged Longer

An online clothing retailer called Patagonia has a page called the Worn Wear campaign where customers tell their stories about wearing their Patagonia clothes until they wear out. The stories are wildly successful at retaining customers, and convincing new prospects that Patagonia’s clothing is a wise investment. Since it is seven times cheaper to keep a customer than get a new one, it makes sense to use content marketing to retain the customers you have.

The next time you have to go into a budget meeting and talk about content marketing funds, you should now be armed with all of the information you need to prove the significant ROI offered by this long-term marketing approach. Once your company invests in content marketing, it will see the positive results for many years to come.

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