Digital Marketing Trends That Will Prosper in 2017
By Tom&Co.
Digital Marketing Trends That Will Prosper in 2017

Technology has reached the point where there is more interest in enhancing what already exists as opposed to developing anything new. In digital marketing, the experts are trying to see how far they can advance the current technology until it becomes necessary to develop new methods. To that end, 2017 is not expected to be a break-through year for new digital marketing trends. Instead, we are expected to see 2016 trends prosper and grow to points that may astound us by the time 2017 is over.

Live Streaming Feeds

Live streaming had been introduced a couple of years ago and remained a kind of novelty for a while. But in 2017, it is expected that live streaming could start to run side-by-side with produced videos in terms of the most watched type of video content.

Live streaming was thrust into the mainstream first with the popular Periscope app, and then when Facebook started offering it. Facebook’s introduction into the live streaming world set off a war of words between the social media giant and Periscope, but it is hard to imagine Periscope having any negative effect on Facebook’s new live streaming direction.

Multiple Marketing Platforms

In the good old days before digital marketing, there were plenty of marketing experts who would advise clients to choose magazine advertising or television. In the minds of many experts, marketing on multiple platforms saturated the message and diluted it.

These days, people are using multiple websites and multiple types of devices to find the information they need. Digital marketing experts are expected to enhance the notion of multiple platform marketing in 2017 and make it a mandatory marketing approach.

The Mobile Experience

It seems like content on your mobile computing device cannot get any better, right? You could not be more wrong. It is estimated that nine out of every 10 Facebook users is on a mobile device, and in general Internet use through smartphones and tablets is growing rapidly.

In 2016, digital marketing experts spent a lot of time figuring out how to fit revenue-generating advertisements on the small mobile computing screens. The quest in 2017 will be to find ways to improve the mobile computing experience and entice users to want to see advertising instead of having to tuck advertising in the corner of a small smartphone screen.

Advertising To Wearables

Wearable such as smartphone watches became a booming industry in 2016, and now the challenge is to monetize that platform. Digital marketing experts experimented with several ways to send marketing to screens the size of a quarter, and there was a lot of progress made. In 2017, digital marketing professionals want to start implementing and improving the wearables marketing methods that worked and introduce a new and growing stream of revenue.

As one year ends, it is fun to try and anticipate the advances we will see in the coming year. With digital marketing, it is expected that methods which were developed in 2016 will be perfected in 2017. It may be that digital marketing reaches the maximum potential for the technology available now and we will see a rush of new technology in 2018. But for now, it looks like marketing experts will spend 2017 enhancing what they started the year

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