Does Your Business Need A Mobile Presence?
By Tom&Co.
Does Your Business Need A Mobile Presence?

It is pretty common these days for business owners to put a lot of stock in having a great website and understand the importance of social media, but it is also common for business owners to completely miss the point on mobile marketing. The days of “I’ll just create a text version of my website for people to see on their phones” are way over and your company needs a mobile presence if you are going to maximize your marketing efforts.

More People Are Going Mobile

The time is fast approaching where more people will access the Internet through their mobile computing devices than a laptop or a desktop. If you are an old school thinker who still believes that the desktop is king, then it can be hard to accept the fact that mobile is taking over. But this is not some gradual transition from desktops to smartphones. This is a massive and rapid migration that you will miss out on if you do not start taking a mobile presence seriously.

Cross-Platform Digital Marketing Is Becoming The Norm

There will always be that huge segment of the consumer world that spends time browsing for companies and products while at work or when they are bored at home. But if you plan on hoping that you reach that audience enough where it will sustain your business, then you will be disappointed at the revenues you start seeing.

Cross-platform marketing started decades ago when smart marketing experts insisted that their customers advertise on television, radio, and in print to get maximum exposure. If the consumer didn’t see your ad on television, then they heard it on the radio. But more importantly, by constantly seeing your marketing no matter where they went, customers found it almost impossible to get your company out of their heads.

The digital age has finally reached the point where desktops, tablets, and smartphones all reach different types of consumers and that makes cross-platform digital marketing critical to your company’s success. Without a mobile presence, you are diluting your marketing impact and leaving a lot of market share for your competition to grab.

Innovation Brings Revenue

The latest Internet innovations will always bring an increase in traffic and that applies to mobile marketing as well. Companies that invest in the development of new ways to create functional mobile websites will see a marked increase in web traffic and revenue. These days, converting your standard website into a text website for mobile users is the equivalent of an insult to all consumers. If you really want someone’s business, you have to impress them with your mobile presence.

The digital marketing world continues to expand and grow, which opens up more opportunities than ever before for companies that want to grow their revenue. Hundreds of millions of people around the world live their lives attached to their mobile computing devices and you need to maximize every available method to reach those people and turn them into customers.

It used to be that not having a website meant that your company was invisible to consumers. Now, having a website is simply not enough to grow your business and maximize your marketing return. You need a mobile presence and you need it now. The chances are very good that your competition is already working on their mobile marketing plans and you will get left behind if you do not get your mobile marketing started today.

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