Getting A Jump On Your Email Marketing For the Holidays
By Tom&Co.
Getting A Jump On Your Email Marketing For the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and now is the time to sit down and figure out how you will maximize this year’s email marketing campaigns. The holidays is the one time of the year when your customers are looking to their emails for great gift ideas and pricing specials that will save them money. In order to maximize your customer’s need for information, you need to develop emails that get their attention and solve their problems.

Check And Re-check Your Database

If you are bringing in a large amount of new qualified leads this year, then make sure that you do not have any double entries with your existing list. Your holiday email marketing email list should be segmented based on the types of customers you want to reach and the kinds of products you want to sell. The more precise your lists are, the better your email marketing results will be.

Remember Mobile Users

Mobile computing is a rapidly evolving marketing medium that requires your specific attention when you create email marketing campaigns. You should have all of you mobile users on their own list, and you should create emails that are optimized for mobile users. You need a catchy email that encourages mobile users to click the link to your website if you want to take advantage of this large consumer audience.

Work On The Subject Lines Until You Get Them Right

When it comes to success with an email marketing campaign, the subject line is the key to success. Continue experimenting with different subject lines until you find the ones that give you the best results and use those subjects in your various emails. Monitor the progress of the subject lines you use and get ready to experiment with more lines to find better options to replace the lines that are not getting you the results you want.

Remember Time Zones

If you have a national customer base, then you need to have an email marketing list that is broken down by time zones. Over time, you have discovered that certain times of the day are best for getting responses to your marketing emails. However, you have to remember that the time is different as you cross time zones. To get the best results, you should utilize segmented email lists based on time zones to make sure your customers are getting your emails at the optimum times.

Include The Add-Ons

If your email marketing is going to be used to highlight certain products, then remember to include the add-on products in your emails. If your product has no add-ons, then include associated products that customers may be interested in when they look at your featured product.

For most companies, the holidays determine whether or not the annual revenue goals are met. It is important to start planning your email marketing campaigns early so that you are sure to cover all of your important points. The more comprehensive and detailed your email marketing campaigns are, the better chance you will have at increasing revenue and meeting your financial goals for the year. It is also important to remember that your competition plans on starting their holiday email marketing early, which means you need to get to work if you want to beat the competition.

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