What Exactly Are “Organic Links?
By Tom&Co.
What Exactly Are "Organic Links?

When we talk about linking strategies with our clients, we use the term “organic linking” a lot. The concept of something being organic elicits thoughts of a pure and natural process that is not altered by anything synthetic. Years ago, the idea of organic links was something that only higher end marketing firms like ours paid attention to. But as the rest of the world catches up to the importance of organic linking, we continue to lead the way with innovative and effective ideas.

Organic Versus Synthetic

In the online marketing world, organic processes are those that are grown naturally over time using proven methods. Synthetic processes are shortcuts that people use in an attempt to get results quickly. An organic link is one that was developed through an ongoing relationship with a business, while a synthetic link is one that was purchased from a database of links.

Up until the first Google Penguin algorithm update, synthetic links were the most popular way to build up consistent traffic and generate revenue. After Penguin was introduced in early 2012, everyone had to change because synthetic links were suddenly very bad things.

The Google Penguin Update

Google considers any website that uses synthetic, or purchased, links to be spamming the Internet and the website’s users. Google has always been keenly interested in creating the best possible experience for Internet users because creating the best possible experience is how Google generates ongoing revenue. When users complain that websites are including links that are unrelated to website content, then Google reacts.

Penguin is a Google algorithm update that can determine if your links are purchased or organic. It is still not too clear how Penguin is actually able to tell that a link was purchased, but we do know that is amazingly accurate. If a website is determined to be using purchased links, then Google imposes a penalty that knocks the site to the bottom of search results for at least 30 days. It can take months for a website to recover from a Google penalty and the financial losses can be significant.

How To Use Organic Links

We have developed an extensive network of legitimate websites that we use to help create an organic link building program for your website. Once we get your link building program started, we then actively seek out new linking partners that will offer your visitors value and put your website on the first page of relevant search engine results.

Once we start to see results with our marketing efforts, we start to reach out to websites that offer content that is complimentary to yours and develop marketing relationships. Over time, your link building will grow naturally as more website owners express an interest in exchanging links with your site. That is how we go about growing your links organically and getting you the best possible website coverage.

Our marketing experts are waiting right now to explain organic links to you and tell you how our marketing programs will increase your revenue. We will explain our link building process to you and show you how our programs will bring you the kind of traffic and search engine results you need to increase your revenue and attain all of your growth objectives.

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