Getting More Out Of Your Facebook Page
By Tom&Co.
Getting More Out Of Your Facebook Page

When a business starts a Facebook page, the real purpose is to engage its target audience and expand its customer base. When you increase your Facebook engagement, you can save money on the costs of boosting posts and you can increase the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising.

Too many companies treat their Facebook page as a one-way street that only supplies information to a target audience, but does not create meaningful conversations with that audience. It is time to change your perspective on Facebook and increase engagement to get more out of your social media efforts.

Offer Viral Content

One of the best ways to get more out of your Facebook page is to offer content to your audience that it will want to share on its own Facebook pages. When you start working with a digital agency on managing your social media pages, you will be told that all of the content you share on social media should be pertinent to your business or your company specifically. But that does not mean that you cannot share the latest viral videos that help put your business in the spotlight.

If your company sells shoes and there is a video starting to go viral about shoes, then you need to share that video on your page. As long as the video does not act like an advertisement for your competition, then it will do wonders for your social media engagement.

Remember To Push People Towards Your Website

Remember to create your own Facebook hashtag and put it on all of your posts. Also remember to include a call to action on everything your post that will inspire your audience to go check out your company website.

A company hashtag on Facebook can become a marketing gold mine when some of your content goes viral. If you include a call to action in some form on every post, then those viral posts could turn into significant web traffic.

Offer Variety

You have to put a little work into your Facebook content if you really want to increase engagement. Instead of just posting text posts or pictures, you need to offer some variety and develop other types of posts that people will want to read. Videos, infographics, and customer contributions (such as a video of a customer using your product) can be great ways to change things up and make your Facebook page more interesting.

Experiment With When You Post

Successful digital agencies are constantly tracking the progress of every marketing plan they develop because a change in data could be part of a significant discovery on how to get better results. If you want more engagement on your Facebook page, then change the time of day you post and keep track of the results. Eventually you will find that magic time when your audience is most likely to interact with the content you post.

A business Facebook page is only effective if you actually use it properly. Throwing up a post every once in a while is not going to help you maximize your Facebook page. But when you do take the time to find ways to better engage your audience, you will start to see the many benefits of effective Facebook marketing.

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