Five Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
By Tom&Co.

Just because it’s time to spread holiday cheer and make lots of money doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go overboard with goofy holiday marketing tactics. In fact, getting TOO MUCH spirit can actually hurt you and turn off potential customers from wanting to do business with you. Here are a few Christmas marketing “don’ts.”

Don’t go nuts with the decorations

We like lights. We like trees and bulbs and ornaments and fat Santas. But too much of it and you’re going to be overwhelming an already overwhelmed potential consumer. The last thing they’re going to want to deal with is walking into your store or visiting your website and having to sift through piles of pointless holiday decorations. In other cases, they can take those all-important eyes off your products and on to your decorations. Celebrate and decorate – just don’t go overboard.

Assume nothing.

Your customers come from a wide range of backgrounds and faiths. Don’t just assume that they all celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever. Getting too festival friendly can alienate potential customers and cause you to lose sales. If at all possible – try to keep your holiday marketing neutral and include a little bit of everything.

Don’t go nuts with the sales

Sales are great to get people in the door, but if you overemphasize them at the expense of building a customer base and producing quality products – you’ll lost customers over the long haul. Focus on selling the quality of your products at an appropriate price, not selling them in spite of those at a lower rate.

Don’t shout. Speak, instead.

Back in the 1980’s Jake “The Snake” Roberts was one of the most compelling characters in all of professional wrestling. Not only did he have an awesome snake, but he was an incredible interview. What made his interviews so great though, wasn’t what we normally think of when we think of wrestlers and their snarly, loud, screaming promos. It was that while everyone yelled, he almost whispered. He stood out and because he wasn’t yelling like everyone else, you slowed down and took in every word he said.

Think about your marketing during the holidays like that. The 21st century consumer steers clear of the yellers and screamers. Get too in their face and they’re gone faster than you can blink. But if you speak – and what you say is interesting – they’ll listen. Customers will notice, and they’ll visit your and your business for not only your tone and professional demeanor, but for the products and services you offer to them.

Don’t be the guy who only shows up in December

Everyone is everyone else’s best friend during Christmas, but not as much so the whole rest of the year. Make sure that whatever you do during the holiday, that you continue on and market with the same kind of conviction after it as well. It’s not only going to make you more money – it’s just the right thing to do.

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