Five Key Considerations for Implementing AI Personalization
By Tom&Co.

Online users have come to expect that their experiences with consumer websites will be personalized to make everything more relevant to them. Artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed marketers to anticipate the individual needs of each consumer and then develop marketing campaigns directed specifically at individuals. It all sounds great, but there are some extremely important considerations to keep in mind if you want to get AI personalization right for your online customers.

Start With a Good Foundation

The temptation for most companies is to check out what the competition is doing and they trying to top that. But it is important to remember that Google, Facebook, and a lot of other large Internet platforms are also offering personalized experiences using AI, and those larger platforms are going to offer a broader experience because they are dealing with broader information. You should check out how everyone is using AI and then create the best experience for your customers and not for someone else’s audience.

Offline Must Work With Online

When you offer a personalized experience for your users online, you need to have the right kind of offline support to make that experience robust. Utilizing AI to wow your customers is only effective if all of your support systems work and your customers can benefit from what you are creating.

Offer Relevant and Timely Content

There is only so much AI can do when it comes to helping to personalize a user’s experience. If the only content a system has to work with is outdated and irrelevant, then the experience is not going to be that great for the client. It is critically important that any AI personalization experience uses updated material and stays in line with current consumer trends.

Don’t Give Away the Farm

Pre-fabricated marketing messages mixed in with personalized content are going to be an effective way to get your message out to your clients and the messages of your sponsors as well. If you try to personalize the entire experience, you take away from the effectiveness of focused marketing. You need to decide which elements you are going to personalize and then maximize those elements with good AI.

Learn as You go Along

An AI personalized experience is just like any other marketing campaign in that you collect data on its effectiveness and make changes based on your findings. You should never consider your AI experiences to be finished products. You should always look to improve and make them not only more effective at selling products, but better for the users.

Giving online users personalized experiences is becoming an expected part of online marketing. Users are expecting to see banners that are designed specifically for them and marketing information that follows their buying trends. But it is also important to temper your AI personalization and learn to improve as you go along instead of trying to do it all at once.

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