Five Myths About Email Marketing
By Tom&Co.
Five Myths About Email Marketing

Any simple Google search for ‘email marketing’ will teach you that there are more than a few opinions on the subject. Many of those opinions are largely based off of misinformation on the part of marketers who are looking to push their brand of touch and feel engagement.

Here at Tom & Co, we’re pretty platform-agnostic. If we can make a buck by helping you make a buck using a particular medium, we’ll help you. The truth is, every platform has a use depending on how you decide to use it. Like any medium, email is simply a tool – and tools have specific applications. It’s when people start trying to use them outside of an intended purpose that they run into trouble and make silly assumptions based on their inability to use said platform appropriately.

Here are some of the most common myths we’ve encountered so that next time you hear them, you know to ignore them.

Short subject lines = better results

The fight between short vs long copy in any content marketing context is dumb. Content needs to be long enough or short enough to be effective. The same applies to writing subject lines. There’s a huge difference between keeping something short for the sake of it and keeping it short to make the most impact. Make sure your subject lines are impactful – that’s it.

Consumers are drowning in emails from companies

OK, so if people aren’t receiving much ‘small brand’ email now, then why wouldn’t you want to grab a piece of the pie – especially from those with whom you already have a trusting relationship with? Making special efforts with that crowd will help you maximize your overall output in the long run.

Emails should always have fresh copy

Remember the old saying about ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?’ The same should apply here. Some of the best performing emails are the ones you’ve already sent. Sending it again isn’t a bad idea and you should always be using what works – until it doesn’t. Perhaps there are ways you could make said email better – but again – the point here is that when something works, keep pressing.

If there are inactive users after six months on your list, you should remove them

First off, you need to strictly define what an ‘inactive subscriber’ actually is. Responses to emails can take place in ways that aren’t tracked by traditional metrics.

Instead of removing them from your list, you should take the time to learn WHY they’re not opening your emails to begin with and consider taking an alternative strategy to engaging them. Just because you haven’t found a way to get them to respond yet doesn’t mean they aren’t interested or won’t respond if you’re not better about pressing on the things that are relevant to them.

Email marketing is dead

This is just total nonsense. 94% of adult Americans use email regularly. 58% of adult Americans check their email first thing in the morning. 77% of them say they prefer to receive permission-based communications through email. Does that sound like a medium that’s dead to you?

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