Five Social Media Platforms that Will Boost your Business
By Tom&Co.
Social Media

Social media engagement is skyrocketing. Statistics show that the number of people using social media is increasing exponentially every year. What is the implication of this on your business?

It means that you can reach many more people through social media and, consequently, more potential customers. The significant number of people that are easily accessible to you just by operating a social media platform is a gold mine for your business. 

In this article, we’ll explore five social media platforms that you can use to grow your business. That is Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you’ve not been using these platforms for business, you are missing a lot!

  1. Facebook

This giant social media channel is a tested and trusted business booster that helps you increase your brand’s visibility and connect you to potential customers.

Research shows that Facebook now has more than one billion active users worldwide. That is a big market for your business. You have many advantages to gain by using Facebook – you directly get in touch with customers and convince them that your product and services are best for them. You can productively engage potential customers without violating any of Facebook’s community rules.

You can also opt for Facebook’s paid advertisements; they improve your business’s visibility and sales optimization

  1. YouTube

Using YouTube for business is easy and efficient. The platform allows you to create and post videos and is an easy way to promote your business.

All you have to do is create an excellent and comprehensive video about your products and services, then post it. You must, however, use a title that, by its use of good keywords, will boost the video visibility and enhance your number of views.

YouTube currently has more than one billion active subscribers, and the chances of your target market lurking around there are high.

  1. Instagram

Instagram was created mainly for posting pictures and funfair. Though it still maintains this locus today, it now allows posting videos in the form of Instagram stories.

You can reach many people by posting pictures and short videos of your products and services.

The little hindrance you can have, however, is getting a large number of followers for your Instagram account.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform for business promotion. Many professionals, social media influencers, and even presidents of nations use Twitter. That shows that you can grow your business using this platform; you only have to tweet several times a day.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social space where you can connect with potential business partners and build social media visibility.

Conclusively, your business will experience a surge in patronage, using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Despite their peculiarities, they all will boost your visibility as well as increase the number of customers you have.

But if that sounds like a lot of work, you’re not alone. That is why businesses and professionals hire experts to handle their social media handles. Get in touch with us by giving us a call, or perhaps fill the contact form to begin.

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