Four keys to creating killer rack cards for your business
By Tom&Co.
Four keys to creating killer rack cards for your business

Rack cards are an affordable and easy way to market your business effectively. Between the wide range of finishing options to styling and cuts – the creative scope of what you can do with a rack card is enormous. If you feel nervous about putting one together – or find that you’re new to the game of rack card marketing, then this week’s post is for you! Below, you’ll find four core components that every good rack card should have!

Bold headlines and even bolder graphics

Rack cards are almost always found in groups of other rack cards, so you had better make sure yours sticks out from the pack. Graphics are what specifically draw people in, but it’s great headlines and content that keeps them there. Rack cards in many ways – are like keys to a business. They show the customer how to let themselves in. Make sure you add dynamic maps, directions and describe or show definitively – what it is they can do there.

Incentives and more incentives!

Moving off of what we discussed in the previous point, it’s always important to make sure that your rack card adds value. Whether that manifests itself as a coupon or special promotion for first time viewers; it’s always important to try to think of ways that you can give prospects more bang for their buck. Also – be sure to track – as best you can – the results from various offers and incentives. Seeing which offers don’t work can – in some cases – be just as important as the offers that DO work. Tracking the results simply help you build better rack cards.

Features and benefits, benefits and features

Rack cards don’t afford you with a ton of space to get your point across,  so the words you choose and the message they convey needs to be profound. They also need to be easily scannable and the words – from a graphical standpoint – really need to ‘pop’ off the card. Simply put – remember to be succinct, direct, noticeable and compelling. That’s the formula.

Know your audience

Part of the challenge of putting together a rack card is to know what specific audience you want to speak to despite being placed in a rack full of other products and messages. A good rack card should always have a goal. Whether it’s speaking directly to mothers with young children or inspiring men to come and try a new product, it’s important your rack card speaks to a specific group and does so in a way that sparks them to action!

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