The Four Pillars Of SEO
By Tom&Co.
The Four Pillars Of SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, marketing is a process where our SEO experts put your Internet presence in a position to bring in more web traffic. When most people talk about SEO marketing programs, they usually talk about keywords and a few other small elements. The reality is that a good SEO marketing plan requires comprehensive attention to several elements of your website and each element has its own strategic purpose.

Website Content

The keywords you hear talked about when you discuss SEO processes with a marketing expert are utilized in the website content. Whether it is the title of a website page, the title of a piece of content or the article itself; strategically placed keywords are critical to your website’s success.

We have years of experience in creating website content that uses primary and secondary keywords that will get your website the kind of search engine results you are looking for. Our content experts can create relevant content that will bring in new traffic and keep your existing customer base coming back for more.

Website Coding

If there is one thing that Internet search engines know, it is how difficult it is to load a website that has sloppy or unnecessary coding. One of the first tasks we undertake during an SEO audit for your website is to review your coding to see if it is clean and efficient. Website coding that is disorganized and poorly written will drop your website to the bottom of the Internet search results and cause you to miss out on a lot of traffic.

It can help to convert your old Internet coding to the newest form because old coding can cause your site to load slowly. But the most important thing is to have coding that is efficient and complete.

Website Links

Every good website has internal and external links for various reasons. Sometimes links are added to offer resource materials to readers and other links are there to help readers find official company information. Well-placed links to pertinent web pages, whether they are internal or external, add significant value to your website in the eyes of the Internet search engines. Broken links will cause you problems with the search engines and that is why we do a comprehensive link audit with each SEO program.

Website Layout

Have you ever heard of the “Three Click Rule” with websites? It is an unwritten rule that states that if it takes a user more than three mouse clicks to find a piece of information, then that user will bounce to another website. That is why your site’s layout is so critical to your website’s success.

We will review your website layout and make recommendations on how to make your website more user friendly. We will also make suggestions on which fonts should be changed and any background colors that may be distracting to your content.

An SEO audit of a website is much more than just making sure that your site has the proper keywords in place. When we do an SEO audit of your website, we learn everything about your website that the search engines consider to be important and put together a plan that will improve your website’s Internet search engine results.

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