Four Reasons Why Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work
By Tom&Co.
Four Reasons Why Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work

With all of this talk about Internet marketing going on, it is no wonder that business owners think that direct mail is fading away. When you team up with an experienced Internet marketing company, you will find that direct mail is still very effective and gets great results. A good marketing plan includes several different types of marketing processes, and there are four good reasons why direct mail will work for your company and bring in more revenue.

People Read Their Mail These Days

The benefit of working with a marketing company that understands how to utilize direct mail is that your company will be able to take advantage of a spot that has become prime marketing real estate – the consumer mailbox. With the advent of texting and email, people simply do not send letters anymore and all consumers usually get in the mail is bills. That is why your direct mail piece has a much better chance of getting a look in today’s marketing environment than it did 20 years ago.

Technology Has Made Direct Mail Less Expensive

Back in the days before the Internet, putting out a full-color direct mail piece was extremely expensive. While postage costs have gone up since then, production costs for direct mail pieces have plummeted. Your potential for getting an excellent return on your investment in a direct mail piece is now higher because the overall cost of producing the piece has gone down.

Methods For Tracking The Success Of Direct Mail Pieces Have Improved

Every marketing company works hard to devise ways to help customers track the success of direct mail pieces. There is still plenty of effort that goes into refining mailing lists to make sure that pieces are not mailed to incorrect addresses, and there are still coupons and keywords used to help determine which direct mail pieces brought in results. But technology, especially Internet technology, has made developing precise results for direct mail campaigns much easier.

These days, you can have a bar code printed onto a direct mail piece that the customer can scan to get more information on your company or your offer. That kind of direct interaction between the customer and your direct mail piece allows you to immediately determine who is responding to your pieces and what kind of information they are looking for. This is the technology that has helped to make direct mail marketing much more efficient and cost effective.

Consumers Cannot Click Away From A Direct Mail Piece

Your direct mail piece is a permanent reminder to your target audience about your company and its offerings. Once the customer reads your direct mail piece, the interaction begins and it can go on for as long as it takes for the customer to make a buying decision. Even if your direct mail piece winds up sitting on a coffee table for weeks, it will not change and the consumer cannot click on a different link to look at something else. A direct mail piece is very patient, and it can get you results that Internet marketing cannot deliver.

Spend some time talking to a professional marketing company and you will hear a wide variety of reasons why direct mail still works. If you are going to invest money into a marketing program to introduce your company to a new market or help launch a new product, then consider investing in direct marketing.

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