Four tips on how to make your offer one they can’t refuse
By Tom&Co.
Four tips on how to make your offer one they can’t refuse

Whether it’s an awesome Groupon offering a trip to Ireland for pennies or a restaurant promoting Friday as the night that kids eat free, some offers are simply irresistible. How can you make people pine for your products the way you do for others?

There are three main things great offers have in common.

They find hungry people.

There’s no use in trying to sell something to people who don’t want your product. Guys that have lots of hair won’t want hair-growth supplements. Women – for the most part – don’t particularly care about power tools. Kids don’t care about socks.

That being said…

  • Teaching single males how to pick up women regardless of how much hair they have – then there’s an offer.
  • Give women a way to cut the time it takes to wash clothes in half and you’ve got an offer
  • Offer a kid the toy with the most technology and they’re going to ask their parents for it

Do any of these, and you’re on the right path. Keep your eyes and ears open for the kinds of problems people have. Observe, ask questions and if you want the offer to really take off, build a product that meets those desires.

Make the value greater than the cost

My friend wants an iPad but doesn’t want to pay the $500.00 price tag. Simply put – an iPad costs too much. He doesn’t even want to purchase a Kindle and has swore on high that he’ll keep on borrowing library books even though he could buy a Kindle or iPad TODAY.

If you’re writing content, you have to remember that you need to present an offer with so much value that the price point doesn’t matter. That’s why Groupon is so valuable. No one’s going to pass up a $50 meal for $20. The discount is so steep that the value ultimately goes up.

Good offers ultimately satisfy desires without actually giving up things that cost money to pull off. Always consider the physical, mental, financial and spiritual aspects of your products and press hard. Weave the value into all of those elements and you should sell more with your writing.

Always make your offer simple

It’s always essential that your offer make sense to your customers right off the bat:

  • “One free night for the price of two
  • “Learn this language by Thursdays”
  • “How unmotivated people can get great jobs”

Think about things yourself for a minute: have you ever had a time to carefully think about every single promotional offer thrown your way? We doubt it. Remember that when writing yours. Keep it simple.

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