Four Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing
By Tom&Co.
Four Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

One of the big misconceptions about email mobile marketing is that it has no place in a marketing program because no one reads emails on their smartphones or tablets. The truth is that the smartphone and tablet have not diminished the popularity of emails in any way, and ignoring mobile email marketing is a big mistake.

People read their mobile emails as much as they use their phones to make calls, which makes mobile email marketing and effective advertising tactic. The problem is that website and business owners do not understand how to create a mobile email message that will get read by their target audience. With just a few tweaks of your standard email marketing message, you can get your target audience to start reading your mobile emails and increase your revenue.

Be Selective In How You Use Mobile Email Marketing

It is much easier for a user to go through a series of marketing emails on their laptop or desktop computer than it is to browse emails on a smartphone. While your target audience has opted-in to receive your marketing emails, that does not mean that they want to delete messages from you several times a day just to get to their personal emails.

The best approach is to be selective in how you utilize your mobile emails and avoid filling up the inboxes of your target audience with messages they won’t read. When you have something important to say, then use email marketing to get your point across and make it more effective.

Keep The Subject Short

If your mobile email marketing message has a subject that is more than six or seven words long, then your target audience may not read your message. Remember that the smartphone and tablet offer a smaller readable screen, which will cut off your subject if it is too long. Keep your subject at between six and 10 words and you should have greater success with your mobile emails.

Grab Their Attention

One of the biggest differences between people who do read marketing emails on a smartphone and a standard desktop computer is that the smartphone users tend to scan their emails much faster than desktop users. Your mobile email marketing message needs a strong headline, an attractive and pertinent image and a short but effective message if it is going to have a chance at getting read by your target audience.

Remember The Format You Are Using

As you develop your mobile marketing emails, remember that your target audience will usually only see the subject line and the first line of text. That is why that information needs to be very concise, but it also needs to get your message across and inspire the reader to read the rest of the message. As you develop your mobile emails, remember the limitations of the smartphone format and use those limitations to your advantage.

Text marketing is a very effective way to reach an audience, but you are leaving money on the table if you are not using mobile email marketing as well. By developing a mobile email message that appeals to your target audience and fits the mobile format, you will see a definite improvement in your metric numbers for your mobile email marketing and an increase in overall revenue.

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