Generate Sales Leads From Your Website With These Tips
By Tom&Co.
Generate Leads with These Tips

Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools, but it can only be maximized when you understand how to use it properly. Here is a page of tips you can use to turn your website into a qualified lead-generating machine.

Remember Your Phone Number

Not only is it hard for prospective customers to contact you when you do not put your phone number on your website, it also makes your company look suspicious. By simply including your contact phone number in a prominent spot on your website (usually in the header of each page) you can add legitimacy to your company and get your phones ringing.

Include Plenty of Contact Forms

Each page of your website should have some kind of contact form that your customers and prospects can use to get on your marketing email list. Whether you are asking people to sign up for a newsletter or requiring their email to get online support, be sure to include a form on every page and include a check box to allow people to opt-in to your marketing emails as well.

Publish Testimonials

When a customer tells you that they are extremely happy with your product or service, ask that customer for a one-sentence testimonial you can publish on your website. You should also ask if you can publish the contact’s photo, email address, and website address to let prospective customers know that your testimonials come from real people.

Make Product Videos

While you want the videos on your website to look presentable, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars making videos to entice people to buy your products. You can make your own videos with a high-definition video camera and the experience gathered from seeing how your competition makes effective videos for their website.

Get Industry and Website Seals of Confidence

Be sure to post on your website that your connection is secured using a security certificate. If your industry has seals of approval for quality or if you can get seals of approval by joining a standards organization within your industry, then do so and display those seals of quality with pride.

Be Creative with Your Layout

When you choose a digital marketing company to build your website, make sure you check that company’s work to confirm that each site is different. If your website is made using a template that looks like hundreds of other websites, then it will be difficult to get people excited about doing business with you.

Have a Plan

Everything in business and marketing goes better when you have a plan. What kind of leads do you want to collect? Are you looking for people interested in a certain product, or are you interested in people who want to utilize your online support? Pop-up forms and the forms on your website can be calibrated to appeal to the specific type of prospect you are trying to attract to get you leads you can really use.

You work hard to generate traffic for your website, but you need to remember to take advantage of that traffic when it shows up. You can gather a steady stream of sales leads through your website when you use the right tactics, and develop strong marketing plans to reach out to any target audience that you choose.


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