Local Mobile

If you’re someone who still needs convincing on the sweeping impact of mobile marketing on small businesses, consider the latest mobile survey from Google this past month:

77% of Smartphone users search for local businesses on the smart phone. Of those, 90% of those searches resulted in some sort of action – whether it was a visit to the store or a purchase.

Not only that, but it’s been local search- specifically – that’s taken off. 54% of Americans use mobile, not the phone book, to search for local businesses. 61% of those searches result in purchases. Not visits, guys – stone, cold purchases.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well here are some tips you can use to get more local business by going mobile.

Claim your Google places business listing. It’s free and most of it has been done for you already. If you don’t have a website, it can moonlight as one until you get one or if you do already, it just makes the local search piece more palatable to search engines. Without getting too complex – it’s free, takes next to no time and helps you a lot.

Keep your search terms local-friendly. The key with any search is to think about how your customers are searching for your service and finding it. This just takes that to the next level, leaving you to consider how local customers grapple with trying to find you online.

Use lots of local offers because let’s face it – every community is unique and every community provides special opportunities to gin up a little business. Consider quirky local festivals and holidays, and piggy-back on other major promotions in your area. It helps for great seasonal marketing anyway – but from a search standpoint, can add up to serious traffic.

Make your mobile content as friendly as possible. Trim out the fat and leave the pizzazz for all those vapid desktop users. Make your applications, site or content easy to take action with, easy to share and easy to use. Stick to that axiom and you should generate business in no time!