Getting To Know Google Analytics
By Tom&Co.
Getting To Know Google Analytics

If you are just starting to work with a digital agency, then you will want to take a crash course in Google Analytics to be prepared for the data and information you will receive. Google’s analytical software is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, and it is the choice of digital agencies all over the country. But Analytics has its own way of doing and saying things, and you will want to brush up on Analytics to keep up with your digital agency.

Get the Lingo Down

When marketing experts talk about bounce rates, they are talking about the percentage of visitors to your website who click onto your site and then immediately go to another site. The metric called page views is an indicator of how many times a particular page was viewed by any visitor. When the same visitor comes to your site, their visits are referred to as sessions. When you get Analytics reports, you need to know the lingo to be able to read them.

Location Reports are Fun and Powerful

The information you get from Google Analytics is normally presented as interactive graphs and charts that are filled with information. The Location Report is a map of the world that shows you exactly where your traffic is coming from. You can click on each country to get even more specific location information that you can use to enhance your marketing.

New Versus Returning

One of the more immediate reports you can get from Google Analytics is a report called the New Versus Returning Traffic Report. With this report, you can get detailed information on your new visitors and your returning traffic. If you see that you are getting a lot of return traffic on a particular page, then you may want to move some marketing assets to that page so they get more traffic. The more new traffic you get that does not bounce from your site, the more potential new customers that are seeing your website.

Platform Breakdown

The Mobile Overview Report is convenient because it shows you exactly how many visitors are going to your site using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. As mobile computing becomes more popular, your company will want to think of allocating more funds to mobile development. With this report, you can justify increasing mobile development investment because you can see how much traffic your mobile sites are getting.

User Behaviors

There are two valuable Analytics reports that give you information on user behavior on your site. The Behavior Overview Report gives you a summary of your page views, your bounce rate, and the average time each user is spending on your site. The Behavior Flow Report shows you how traffic is moving through your website and if certain pages are causing more people to leave your site than others.

The reason digital agencies utilize Google Analytics is because of the incredible amount of valuable information the software provides. Your marketing experts can derive an accurate profile of your customers, determine the best ways to maintain traffic, and understand the web pages that need revision based solely on the information that is found with Google Analytics.

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