How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Your Business
By Tom&Co.
Artificial Intelligence

A few hours ago, according to an eye-opening tale in the Washington Post on Saturday, a Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, after hundreds of interactions with a cutting-edge unreleased AI system called LaMDA, believed the program had achieved a level of consciousness.

LaMDA, which stands for ‘Language Model for Dialog Applications,’ is one of several large AI systems trained on massive swaths of text and can answer questions and write in convincingly human ways.

In a statement, Google said that his team, including ethicists and technologists, reviewed Blake’s claims per AI principles and informed him that the evidence does not support his claim. However, while we may not have a sentient AI yet, it boggles our minds about the potential possibilities, especially as it concerns business.

Importance of AI in business

Who would have thought that decades later, we could communicate with someone at the other end of the globe? We could fly to where we want, even to the moon and now eyeing mars. With AI, the game gets tighters.

It might sound sci-fi, but imagine a world where your business is run by AI, with zero human input.

They tell you what to do, how to do it, who to hire, and who to fire. It eliminates the need to hire staff when you have AI systems that can do a better job without errors or fatigue. AI now helps find solutions to complex business problems, solving them in seconds, something that would have taken a week to complete.

AI is the most trending technological term in business today, with Google and Amazon at the forefront. By looking at how AI can serve your business, you can grow and scale your business efficiently.

AI Capabilities in Business

Many companies have resought to chatbots for virtual assistance, and it’s the first case proving how AI will revolutionize the business world. While many are not convinced about a customer talking to a machine, talking to one that is sophisticated and doesn’t break down can be a game changer.

Imagine waking up in the morning, and you’re like, “Siri, go ahead and publish the pending content on my blog.” And it gets done. It could help you book a flight, book a dental appointment, and even place a call on your behalf.

If you’re good with codes, you could delve into automation, where you get more by doing so little. You don’t need to know how to do this to use this in your business. All you need is an expert to help you automate aspects of your business using AI. Feel free to give us a call or use the contact form to book an appointment.

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