How Instagram Can Help Boost Your Business
By Tom&Co.

When it comes to choosing social media platforms for your business, it helps to understand each platform and the audience they attract. Facebook has an older audience, while Instagram seems to attract younger users who are always on the go. Any business can use Instagram to boost their brand and increase revenue, but it has to be done the right way if you want Instagram to be a regular part of your social media marketing plans.

Avoid Straying From Your Brand

Companies that use Instagram try to attract more users by posting images of pets and inspirational memes that are common throughout the platform. The problem is that posting anything that does not enhance your brand is going to take away from your message. Users of Instagram can already get plenty of pet pictures from other users, but they can only get brand information from you. It is important that everything you post enhances your brand and does not take away from your marketing message.

Make Your Connections Count

Having thousands of Instagram followers only matters if all of those connections are actually following your brand. You should avoid allowing dead accounts or accounts that are following a lot of others but barely have any followers of their own to be part of your Instagram experience. Working hard to build your brand on Instagram only works when you are actually connecting with real people.

Cross Platforms

Your Instagram posts can show up on Facebook if you make the proper adjustments in your Instagram account. This will help you to expand your audience without having to put in any extra effort. If your main social media platform is Instagram, you can still reach a limited audience on Facebook by connecting the two platforms and having all of your Instagram posts also show up on Facebook.

Give Your Followers Reasons To Follow You

If you are throwing pictures up onto Instagram just to have activity, then you are wasting your time. Your Instagram images should offer value to your followers and make people want to a part of your Instagram world. Pictures of new products as they are released, posts answering questions about your company, and flyers announcing promotions are excellent images to post on your Instagram account.

Keep A Schedule

Some business owners find it hard to post regularly to their Instagram accounts, which is why they hire experienced digital marketing experts to manage their social media presence. If you want to post to Instagram on your own, then try to post at the same time every day. This gives your followers something to look forward to and keeps people interested in what you are doing. When you are on Instagram, you should take the time to interact with your followers and show them that you are doing more than just blindly posting images.

Instagram is a large social media platform that can help enhance your brand and grow your customer base. If you cannot properly maintain your Instagram account, then investing in a social media management firm can help you to see returns on your Instagram account that you would have never expected.

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