How to Build and Manage a Private Facebook Group
By Tom&Co.
Private Facebook Group

If your business relies on customers, then there is a good chance that most of those customers are already on Facebook. With most of your customers in one, neat little place, it makes sense to offer a way to organize your customers under your company name and offer specializes service and communication. A private Facebook group is the ideal solution because you can focus on a group that consists of only your customers, and you can use the group to continually grow your business.

Start Your Group

All you have to do to start a group on Facebook is click on the down arrow in the top right-hand corner of your page and then choose to start a new group. As you set your group up, you can choose to have a secret or closed group. A secret group cannot be seen by Facebook users at all unless they are members. A closed group can be found in Facebook searches, but you have to be approved as a member to join. For business purposes, closed groups are better because they can attract members on their own.

Have Criteria

A closed group is unique because only the members of the group will see any group activity. Even though the group can be found in a Facebook search, group activity will only be seen on each member’s wall by the members of the group. This allows you to communicate in privacy with your clients and grow your business.

You will need to have some sort of criteria to use to allow people to be a member of your group. While you can never be sure who is telling your the truth, you are going to have to take people’s answers to your criteria questions at face value. Some criteria should include an owner of your product, someone who is considering buying your product, and someone who would like to help develop new features for your product. When people have to pass a criteria test to be part of a group, they usually value their membership in that group more highly.

Create User’s Guidelines And Stick To Them

On top of needing to meet a certain criteria for membership, you will also want your members to carry on in the group in a civil and productive manner. You should develop a list of user’s guidelines and then make sure each new member reads them. It takes time to build a group, and your guidelines will evolve over time. For example, you may learn early that banning members who get into arguments with other members is not always the best approach. Sometimes muting an unruly member for 24 hours will give them a chance to see the error of their ways and conform back to your community rules.

A professional digital marketing agency can build up your closed Facebook group into thousands of members that will help you to grow your business. The more your closed group grows, the more people you will have to present new products to directly, and the more consumers you will have to get feedback from on your current product offering.

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