How to Create a Video Studio on a Shoestring Budget
By Tom&Co.
Video Studio

In the world of digital marketing, video has become extremely important in getting the attention of web traffic and in getting a point across. But there are still many companies who avoid getting involved in video because they believe that video production is expensive. The good news is that not only is video production not expensive, it is something you can do yourself and get great quality videos. You can build your own video studio at home or in your office and spend almost no money to make your own quality videos.

Get Your Camera

If you have a smartphone that was made by or after 2016, then you have a professional video camera in your pocket. Spend some time getting familiar with your smartphone video camera and you might even find that you have editing features on your camera as well. If you do not have video editing features on your camera, then check for a free video editing app that you can add to your phone.

Get A Tripod

One of the biggest differences between a professional looking video and an amateur video is that the professional looking video is steady and properly framed. All you need to do to make sure your video is properly framed is to make sure you have an equal amount of space on the three sides of your video to make your subject look centered. To make your videos look stable, you just need to invest in an inexpensive tripod for your smartphone.

Make Your Background

The best background to use for videos is a white background in a well-lit room. If you want to make action videos, then you can always take them outside. To get the perfect studio background, simply hang a white sheet on the wall and light it up using a couple of shop lights from a department store. If you are making your studio inside of your office, then your overhead office lights will work fine.

If you feel like getting creative, you can buy a green screen editing kit that consists of a green screen background and special editing software. With the green screen, you can put anything you want in your background and the software is not difficult to use at all.

Find Your Actors

You can use a variety of people in your videos, or you can have one male and one female actor you use to give your videos consistency. You can help out your actors by putting their lines on cue cards they can read that will make it look like they are staring directly into the camera.

Once you start making your own videos and you see the professional results you are getting, you are not going to want to stop. Making videos is not only fun, but it is a great way to draw attention to your business and your products. You can add some humor into your videos and give them a chance to go viral and really expand your customer base.

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