How to Identify and Optimize high-impact webpages
By Tom&Co.
impact webpages

Low-impact pages certainly aren’t good for businesses. And the reason is evident – they are deadwood on your website. You probably noticed because there weren’t enough conversions, and worse when your bounce rate keeps rising.

You probably have a few or hundreds of web pages on your website and trying to figure out which page performs better and how to boost that performance further can be tricky. However, some tools can help, like Google Analytics!

Although there are a few other great tools out there for identifying high-impact web pages, for this article’s sake, google analytics is the focus.

  1. Identify your top-performing web pages.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could maximize the potential of your top-performing web pages to convert more?

Google Analytics can help you achieve that. Pull up relevant metrics on your web pages, from high performing webpages to the least. Also, get essential info like the number of page views, bounce rate, time spent, and more!

  1. Leverage off your high-impact webpages; Optimize!

Integrating and constantly pimping your SEO practices is a great way to keep your website business flowing with rich, ready-to-convert traffic.

Thinking of it this way – if your high-impact web pages already rack up tons of page views and potential customers, then optimizing these web pages should further push those numbers up the sky.

Here are a few ways to optimize high-impact webpages

  1. Use relevant Keywords

Keywords help your webpage content hit the right note people search for on the internet, and it’s more like bread crumbs on your web page.

  1. Meta descriptions

How many times have you been drawn to a specific site because it looked appealing and more so, showed you exactly what you needed?

A meta description is more like a peek into what your webpage offers, and optimizing meta descriptions should attract even more website views.

  1. Proofread web content

Error-ridden content, too long sentences, and paragraphs are probably the reason why your web page visitors get tired and left. High bounce rates are a turnoff. Make sure you proofread website content to keep errors in check.

  1. Include a CTA on your landing page

Lead your visitors to the next step with a call to action. A unique call to action can ultimately gain more leads on webpage offers.

  1. Images

Images! They help set a good sight of what your viewers want to see. However, larger images can cause your web pages to lag, thereby discouraging potential leads from coming to fruition. Compress your images, and never forget the ALT tags, and the captions too.

  1. Internal links to other relevant pages

Internal links can help boost the quality of your page. This way, a single high-impact page could serve as clickbait to other low-performing or less viewed pages.

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