Organic reach is becoming a challenge every passing day as long as social media is concerned. It began with Facebook, with the giant platform dropping by over 50% in merely two years. Twitter, on the other hand, is threading the same route.

Whether it’s promoting a Twitter account, a tweet, or perhaps a blog post, any marketer knows that getting exposure on Twitter is becoming harder every day. To gain traction often requires a combination of tried and true organic methods, even paid tactics.

So, here’s a way to promote your content on Twitter organically and through paid means.

  1. Watch the numbers

If you want to maximize growth, you need to track your engagement. The reason for this is simple, to learn how your audience is reacting to your content, and when they are most active. Through your Twitter dashboard, you can track such information which in turn helps your content strategy.

  1. Use Influencers

If you need media exposure, you need to speak with an influencer. Many believe that influencers are the holy grail of marketing since people are more likely to take recommendations from them.

It is best to work with an influencer in your industry or niche for the best result. Some tools make that possible, such as Topsy, Fedly, Buzzsumo, etc.

  1. Paid ads

Twitter allows business accounts to create ads without hassles. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, you wouldn’t regret running a Twitter paid ad for your business. There is no better way to grow than specifically targeting your ideal market through targeted ads.

It is best to conduct an A&B test when it comes to running ads, to know what works and what doesn’t. Track your performance and optimize for a better outcome.

  1. Develop a content calendar

A content calendar can be super helpful since they help you to plan and preschedule tweets and updates. When creating a calendar, be sure to create a column for hashtags and the actual tweet. It is good to schedule, but also be flexible enough to react during real-time events.

Twitter is driven by trends, and sometimes flexibility entails forgoing what you have laid out and gone with something entirely different. 

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are an incredible invention, a tool of discovery. With hashtags, you improve your exposure level. However, you’ve got to get it right to get the desired result. Before you use any hashtag, research before use since some hashtags have been banned. Also, avoid commemorative hashtags as they always backfire.

Promoting your content on Twitter doesn’t have to be World War III, and following the tips above will help you gain exposure. But if that sounds like a lot of work, then leave it for an expert. Feel free to give us a call, or fill our contact form.