The Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Business Website
By Tom&Co.
The Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Business Website

Your business website is the face of your company to millions of potential customers all over the world. Despite the importance of a website, there are plenty of business owners who do not invest the resources necessary to keep their website healthy and relevant. Aside from being the first impression your business makes to potential new clients, there are several other reasons why it is important to maintain your website.

Around The Clock Revenue

The ecommerce portion of your website should be available to your customers 24-hours a day. The convenience of an ecommerce section to your website is what attracts some customers to your business in the first place. Instead of having to spend time calling your sales department or trying to get in touch with their dedicated sales professional, your customers can just go online and place orders. When your website is not maintained properly, your revenue is significantly affected.

Customer Support

Your website is a place where customers can go to get answers to their questions, and submit product return forms to take care of product issues. When your website is not properly maintained, those functions suffer and the level of support you offer to your customers drops considerably. If you want to keep your customers happy, then you need to maintain your website to ensure the type of support your customers are used to.

SEO Ranking

The SEO criteria for major search engines changes quite frequently. One of the more important aspects of good SEO practices is to keep your website maintained and updated with new content. When you neglect your website, it will start to fall on the search result pages of all of the major search engines. The further your website falls in the search result pages, the more revenue-generating traffic you will lose.

Upgrading Is Easier

A healthy website owned by a proactive business professional gets updated more often than most people may realize. When a website is properly maintained, it is easier to upgrade portions of the website without disrupting business too much. But when a website has been neglected, upgrading any portion of it can take a very long time.


Perhaps one of the most important reasons to maintain a healthy website is to maintain your website’s security. A website needs constant updates to protect client information, and to prevent hackers from disrupting the company’s servers. It seems like every month a new company is getting hacked and information is getting lost. One of the most effective ways to secure your website from hackers is to make sure that it is maintained properly, and that your security functions are checked constantly by an online security expert.

The truth is that any company website that is not maintained and updated by a professional digital marketing company is at risk of becoming vulnerable to hackers, and losing money for the website owner. If you want to get the most out of your website, then talk to a digital marketing company about a full evaluation of your site, and then sign up for a good ongoing maintenance program. A healthy website can bring your company revenue and opportunities. A poorly maintained website will bring your company misery.

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