Marketing Tips & Tricks For Selling To Millennials
By Tom&Co.
Marketing Tips

The generation known as Millennials is becoming one of the most highly-coveted group among marketing experts and advertisers. This is a large group that has money to spend and has shown that it is not afraid to use its money to get what it wants. But Millennials are also highly opinionated, educated, and connected to each other. If you want to reach Millennials in your marketing approach, then you will need to understand what they want, and the best ways to communicate with them.


Not too long ago, marketing experts thought that Millennials wanted to see videos everywhere when it came to finding new products and companies. The result was a rash of pop-up videos that would impose themselves onto every web page Millennials would read, and eventually become a nuisance.

Video is still the fastest growing medium on the Internet and it is still very popular with Millennials, but you will get nowhere with your audience if you over-saturate your website with videos. You need to do market research and determine what types of videos Millennials are responding to and where those videos are to be placed to be most effective.

Live Streaming

New apps such as Periscope have made live streaming extremely popular among Millennials. It started out with the seven-second vine videos, and then erupted into everyone posting live feeds from their phones of news events as they occur, and other topics of interest.

Right now, you could say that live streaming is a novelty, but smart marketing experts are refining it and turning it into a strong marketing tool to reach Millennials. Are we headed towards a day when there will be live streaming commercials for new products? That very well could be where marketing to Millennials is headed.

Animated GIFs and Memes

One of the marketing trends that has remained consistent with Millennials is that novelties seem to take on a new level of importance with younger generations. Animated GIFs and memes are devices used on social media to make posts more interesting, but they are also becoming part of marketing programs directed at Millennials.

An example of how far the animated GIF trend is going can be found in a new feature on some smartphones called animated pictures. These are pictures that have four or five seconds of animation instead of just capturing a static moment, and they are becoming extremely popular. As for memes from social media, they are starting to show up in print advertising that is obviously directed at Millennials.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Marketing experts studying Millennials are learning that online marketing is not the only way to reach this vast target audience. Millennials respond just as well to offline advertising as they do online marketing, and a complete Millennial marketing package includes plenty of newspaper and magazine print advertising to go along with the social media management activities.

It takes time to really understand any target audience, and that is especially true when you have an audience as diverse as Millennials. This is the generation that will be getting the attention of every marketing professional in the digital world for a long time to come, so it is a good idea to understand the trends now and know how to sell your company and products to Millennials.

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