Why Is Mobile Marketing Still Lagging Behind?
By Tom&Co.

From the moment that people could surf the Internet on their phones, marketing experts have been battling with finding ways to put effective advertising on the tiny screens. Years later, there is some progress in mobile marketing but it is not generating the kind of revenue clients need to stay in business. Why is mobile marketing lagging behind so much and what can be done about it?

It Needs Its Own Specialty

Digital marketing experts are being forced to become specialist as more and more Internet platforms and technology continues to evolve. As time goes by, some marketing professionals are specializing in data analysis, while others are focusing on social media. At this point, not many digital marketing experts are specializing in mobile marketing. For the most part, marketing experts are trying to use existing processes to get this new medium to work. If there is going to be progress in mobile marketing, it is going to need dedicated specialists.

Not Utilizing The Full Capacity Of Smartphones

Smartphones may have small screens, but they have powerful processors and advanced graphics capabilities. Smartphones have more than enough processing power to deliver interactive experiences for users with every marketing campaign. But digital marketing experts are not focusing on what the smartphone can do. Instead, they are still lamenting what it cannot do. There needs to be a focus on maximizing the smartphone technology if there is going to be progress.

Focusing Too Much On Text Marketing

The area of text marketing has grown and developed considerably over the years, but it should only be one part of a mobile marketing plan. Instead of looking at text marketing like email marketing and making it one powerful too in a robust marketing plan, digital marketing experts are putting all of their smartphone hopes on text marketing. Until there is a focus put on everything else a smartphone can do, mobile marketing will remain stagnant.

Not Understanding The Potential

While there does need to be continued innovation in regards to desktop marketing, it is well known that the vast majority of Internet users will be accessing the Internet through smartphones only in the very near future. Digital marketing experts need to start innovating with mobile marketing or they and their clients will see a significant loss in advertising revenue over the coming years.

Mobile marketing has been slowly taking over the face of Internet marketing for many years now. But despite the obvious rise in popularity of mobile devices, digital marketing has been very slow to innovate solutions that will allow clients to monetize smartphone users. Google and other search engines are starting to make mobile websites a priority, and it is about time that digital marketing companies started to do the same.

Before you start working with a digital marketing company, ask them about their mobile marketing strategies. The companies that are experts in the field will be able to answer your questions and tell you exactly how mobile marketing can make your company more revenue.

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