Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Insane Sales
By Tom&Co.
Mobile Marketing

Chances are that you’re reading this from a mobile device. Even if you aren’t, about 70% of your target market are mobile users, and it is paramount you put them in perspective during your marketing endeavors. Overlooking mobile users is like throwing money to the dogs!

Think about it, about 65% of Americans own a mobile device, accounting for over 70% of sales compared to desktop users. There’s no doubt that mobile marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that you can leverage to scale and grow your business.

Here are a few mobile marketing tips that you can implement into your business.

1. Creating A Mobile App

If your business already has a website, what about creating an app version of it? Mobile apps are proving to be a gigantic success, following the surge of mobile users over recent years. With an app, your target market no longer needs to input your web address to visit.

They can easily access your goods and services, even share them with their families and friends with a single click. A mobile app for your business could be the step to rising as an authority in your industry.

2. Site Development

There have been speculations that site design can impact a site’s ranking on Google SERP. Since the majority of your target market comes from mobile, you must ensure that your business website is professionally designed and mobile-friendly.

You can experiment with a handful of emulators, to know how your website looks across diverse screen sizes. Also, site speed should not be overlooked, especially now that Google now pays special attention to your core web vitals.

3. Mobile Advertising

Thanks to giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, you can run mobile campaigns that drive leads and sales to your business without breaking the bank. If you’ve never run a campaign before, you can always work with an experienced digital marketer or agency for assistance.

With an experienced professional at your service, you can target your ads only to prospects on mobile devices. As long as the ad is well targeted to your ideal users, getting the expected traction becomes an easy nut to crack.

4. Encourage Social Engagement

The fact is that social media is happening more on mobile devices, and your business could benefit a lot through social engagement. The question likely burning on your mind is which social media network should you use?

Pinterest has been pretty popular, with Facebook ranking at the top. One of the ways to encourage engagement is through the implementation of social buttons on your website and app.

As you delve deeper into mobile marketing, don’t also forget to optimize for desktop users. If you’re seeking help with mobile marketing, you should call 718-273-3070 or fill out the contact form. We’ll get in touch and ensure that you get the best!

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