Get Your Old Content to Create New Traffic
By Tom&Co.
Get Your Old Content to Create New Traffic

In this throw-away society it is not usual for a website owner to archive old content and relegate it to a part of the website that never gets any traffic. In its best days, that content was able to generate traffic that helped to push your website up the results pages of all of the major search engines and that content, no matter how old, still has some SEO punch to it. There are a few ways you can drag that old content out, repurpose it, and use it to bring in new traffic for your website.

Make A Movie Out Of It

Do you have an old piece of content that is evergreen, told a story, and drew a lot of traffic? Instead of burying that content on your website, you should look at turning that story into a video that could go viral.

The key is to find a digital marketing agency that can help you to create an engaging video out of your post for a reasonable price, and then give that video a chance to be seen on your social media pages. Video is extremely popular these days, and turning old content into video content can be a powerful way of bring in new traffic without upsetting the manner in which that content has helped improve your SEO ranking.

Update The Content

Years ago you published a piece that was relevant to your industry and your audience ate it up. While some of the facts have changed over time and there may even be more information to add to that content, the basic premise is still very popular in your industry. Instead of writing a brand new article, you should bring out that old content and update it. You can add the new facts, update the situational information, and create a new piece that has the core of the original piece working to its advantage.

Use It To Create A Sales Letter

One of the fun parts of reviewing old content is that you remind yourself of how much of an industry expert you have become. Instead of letting that great information stay buried on your site, you should bring it out and use it to create engaging sales letters. You can create sales emails or even use that old content as a spotlight piece on your upcoming newsletter.

Transition The Content To Other Platforms

When you created your older content, there weren’t many popular visual social media platforms to use to circulate it to your audience. These days, Instagram and Snapchat have audiences that are growing at dramatic rates. You can take that old content and use images to get your message across on these platforms and grow your audience.

Turn The Information Into An Infographic

A good digital agency can take the information from one your older articles and turn it into an engaging infographic that can be shared all over the Internet. Infographics are extremely popular, and the right one can turn that old information into a viral success.

The older content on your website helped to move your website up in the search engine results pages. Now it acts as the foundation of your SEO rating, but it can be reused to your benefit. Repurpose your old content and give it new life, and use it to increase your traffic as well.

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