Small Businesses Need to Stay Active Online This Holiday Season
By Tom&Co.
Small Businesses Need to Stay Active Online This Holiday Season

For years now there have been ongoing efforts to get people to patronize small, local businesses over the big box retail chains. In a 2014 article, Business News Daily ran an article that indicated that nearly 80 percent of all consumers would consider paying as much as 14 percent more to buy products from small businesses. This encouraging information shows a trend that has continued to this day.

As much as consumers are willing to buy from small businesses, there still needs to be a marketing effort to bring customers to those small business. Small business need to get online and make sure that consumers know what types of products those business have for sale, and give them good reasons to want to support local companies.

Offer Value

The message for small businesses during the holidays needs to focus on how the small business offers value over a large company. Keep in mind that almost eight out of 10 consumers would pay more to patronize a small business, but you still have to give consumers a reason to buy from you. Free extended service plans, accessory packages at discount prices and a pricing special for buying more than one product (buy one / get one at half price) will offer value that many big box retailers will not touch.

Decorate The Website

A small business’ website is one of the company’s most powerful marketing tools, and that tool needs to be decorated for the holidays to get people’s attention. A strong visual impression on consumers who visit your website will inspire them to check your offerings and visit your online store (if you have one).

Get An Online Store

If you do not have an online store for your small business, then the holidays is a good time to start one. When you work with a professional digital marketing agency, you will realize that adding an online store to your website is not only easy but it will generate enough revenue to possibly pay for itself before the holidays are over.

Become Very Active On Social Media

During the holidays, consumers appreciate businesses that offer immediate answers to their questions and concerns. If you do not have a social media manager, then you can start a relationship with a good digital agency to help monitor your social media pages. When consumers have questions for your company, they either use your company email address or your social media pages. The more active you are taking care of your customers on social media, the more they will want to frequent your store.

Social media is also where you will broadcast your pricing specials to all of your customers and bring in new clients. You can use your social media pages to announce specials for your online store and your brick-and-mortar location that will help you to compete directly with the big box retailers.

Small businesses can make a big impact during the holidays if they just take the right approach. Customers want to buy from your small business, but you still need to put in the marketing time to make sure that your revenue is growing as it should be. Get involved with a reputable digital agency prior to holidays and you will find your small business competing with the big box department stores.

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