Persuading Customers To Take Action: 5 Useful Tips
By Tom&Co.
5 Useful Tips

When most people hear persuasion, they automatically think of manipulation and deception. In the world of business, this type of thinking is stronger. They reasoned that persuasion takes the form of forcing someone to buy something even if the product isn’t beneficial to them.

Unfortunately, this is very far from the truth. If you have ever stopped to think about every purchasing decision you’ve made, you will notice that some information persuaded you to buy that product.

This quick guide lets you understand how to persuade your customers to take action. Read on!

1. Don’t tell, Show

If there’s a benefit the action will bring to the customer, the best persuasive technique is to show, not tell. When you show, you’re allowing your customer to visualize and feel the reward, compared to reading text.

Paint a familiar scenario that illustrates the pain points of your potential customers and how they will feel when their problems are solved. For example, don’t tell them your product will make them lose weight. Instead, show them a study of people who used your product and the results.

2. Personalized your communication

Study email newsletters from Netflix, and you will notice how personalized the emails are. Not only do they mention your name, but they also talk about the shows you love and even compel you to watch new episodes.

And because every piece of mail is personalized, even if a bot wrote them, customers feel recognized just for being called by name. And if you were to inject a CTA, they are more likely to act.

3. Use Anticipation

When Apple is about to launch a new product, it often starts with hype and an option to pre-order. That is anticipation, and luckily you can use this strategy to persuade your customers to buy your new products.

If you’re dealing with digital products, you can create a formula on your sales page where your potential customers can opt to receive anticipated information about new products. That way, you fuel their interest and get them ready to take the big action.

4. Create scarcity and urgency

There are some mental triggers you can use to persuade your customers to take action, and scarcity is one of them. Think about it – diamonds are expensive not because they are pretty but rather the perceived scarcity.

Giant companies use the strategy a lot, like Amazon and Booking. Usually, they put down a countdown to when the product will go out of stock or perhaps show you how many people are currently viewing and buying the product.

With scarcity and urgency, you trigger the fear of missing out (FOMO), which is the feeling needed to get them to take action now, not later. Fact is, we can help you persuade your customers to take action through content marketing. We ensure your content engages and compels your target audience to take action. So feel free to get in touch or book an appointment by filling out our contact form.

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