Is it Possible to Handle All Digital Marketing In-House?
By Tom&Co.
Is it Possible to Handle All Digital Marketing In-House?

The field of digital marketing is a constantly evolving science that is enhanced by just a little bit of artistic flair. No matter how much data a digital marketing firm generates and collects, there will always be the human touch needed to get the most from that data. Despite the speed at which digital marketing is changing, there are still companies that believe that they can take care of all of their Internet marketing needs in-house. The truth is that, when it comes to this kind of marketing, it is always best to leave it to the experts.

Big Data

Working with all of the intricacies of digital marketing is confusing enough for companies that don’t specialize in marketing, but it is getting more complicated by the use of big data. The idea of collecting data these days goes well beyond what most companies are used to. So many more aspects of our lives are connected to the Internet, and all of those elements create data. There is now software that can collect and analyze social media posts to help marketing experts understand why people buy, and the experts add to the data that shows what people are buying to get more comprehensive consumer trends.

All of this data requires special software to collect and experts to utilize. Since big data is relatively new, it can be difficult to find an expert for your company to hire to make the most of what is available. In reality, your best chance at getting the most out of big data is using a digital marketing firm that is already using and studying the possibilities of endless sources of information.

SEO Rules

As of 2017, there are still old style marketing companies that believe that using keywords such as “dentist office Kansas City” will bring in Internet traffic. That sort of keyword structure went out of style years ago, and using it only shows a lack of understanding of the new SEO rules.

Keeping up with the ways in which the search engines handle content can be complicated and frustrating. A company that wants to do digital marketing in-house will need to offer resources to its marketing experts to keep up on all of the changes to the SEO rules, while still getting their marketing planning done at the same time. When it comes to maximizing these kinds of diverse tasks, it is always best to leave it to the digital marketing experts.

The Growing World Of Digital Marketing

There was a time when digital marketing was a relatively simple practice that required some content writing, online advertising, and link sharing. But with the rules for content writing and link sharing changing all of the time and new marketing outlets such as social media developing quickly, it is impossible for a company that is not immersed in digital marketing to keep up. The business landscape in social media alone changes constantly, and it takes an expert to make sure that your company keeps up with the times.

Not too long ago, a company could hire a digital marketing expert in-house that would take care of the website and reach out to the other digital advertising outlets that were available. But today, a company needs to hire the services of a digital marketing organization if it wants to get the very most from all of its online marketing efforts.

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